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  • A dog sees Dhaka

    A dog sees Dhaka

    I was wrong. Sitting up there, defeated and alone, I decided to do what I always do to forget and start anew. I slept.

  • robodog, Spot, Boston Dynamics, Google

    Dog encounters Google robodog, gets trash-talked

    One little dog who encounters a robodog that's a lot bigger. The robot canine is Spot. It was created by Boston Dynamics, a company owned by Google, reports CNET.

  • Police thwart ‘Obama dog kidnap plot’

    Officials say Scott Stockert - who is from the state of North Dakota - has been planning to snatch one of the dogs, either Bo or Sunny.

  • Not WHY, but HOW?

    Can we for one minute assume a dog needs to wear pants? In doing so, how you think it would wear it?

  • My Best friend Zuko

    One day I was playing cricket with my friends near a field of my house. That day the game was exciting and fun-filled but unfortunately it started raining, we had to stop playing and we took shelter under a tree.

  • Belgian Malinois is best friends with an Owl

    Dogs make friends with many different species as they are always curious, compassionate, adaptable and fun-loving. Besides friendship with human, dogs are seen making friendship with elephants, lions, and emus. But it is rare to see a dog whose bestie is an owl!

  • Delhi court clears charges against dog

    An Indian court dismisses allegations against a former Delhi minister's pet dog, Don the labrador.

  • Dog stands guard for week protecting trapped friend

    A Washington state animal shelter says a dog dutifully stood guard for a nearly a week on Vashon Island to protect another dog that had fallen in a cistern.

  • Cricket crazed canine!

    Man’s best friend turns into the perfect cricket companion

  • Pet dog helps find true love: Study

    A dog is not just a pet; rather he is a friend, a partner and a defender. His master is in turn his life, his love and his leader.