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  • Deaths in dengue fever

    Dengue Outbreak: Rain brings fresh concern

    Though the number of dengue patients has been declining for the last one month, the rain for the last one week is increasing the risk of further dengue spread, experts say.

  • dengue fever patients

    Dengue claims 7 more lives

    At least seven dengue patients, including two children, died over the last two days in six districts. With them, the unofficial death toll from the disease is now 144. However, the official figure is 60.

  • Nurses go extra mile without any reward

    Sobita, a nurse at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital is now handling more than 10 times the patients she used to at her previous job at the National Institute of Diseases of the Chest and Hospital.

  • Death by Dengue Fever

    Dengue Patients: August sees more than 19-yr total

    The number of dengue patients this month surpassed the combined total of such patients in the last 19 years with experts warning about further spread of the virus in the next two months.

  • Three more die from dengue

    Three more, including two children, died from dengue fever in Dhaka, Rangpur and Faridpur yesterday. With them, 123 people have died this year after being infected with the mosquito-borne disease.

  • Six hours at Suhrawardy

    Five hours and 15 minutes. That is how long it took Mohammad Alauddin, a mason from Mirpur’s Kazipara, to get a bed at the Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital in the capital. Even then, it took the intervention of the hospital’s director to get him admitted.

  • Worries grow for doctors, staffers

    Doctors and hospital staffers are at a higher risk of being infected with dengue while treating patients and also due to Aedes mosquito breeding grounds in and around hospitals, healthcare professionals said.

  • Villagers come forward to prevent dengue in Khagrachhari

    Villagers of Pankhyapara take some measures to prevent dengue, a mosquito-borne disease, in Khagrachhari Sadar as it has taken an alarming turn across the country.

  • Dengue outbreak: Experts wary of next three months

    Experts are worried that dengue outbreak would remain a serious threat at least until October and they are not ruling out November.

  • Dengue in Bangladesh

    Dengue Control: Kolkata shows the way

    Bangladesh can take a page out of Kolkata’s playbook in tackling the spread of dengue, which has already infected a record 17,183 people in the country.

  • People wait for Dengue Test in Dhaka Hospital

    Dengue Outbreak: Detection kits in short supply

    When the country is grappling with a record number of dengue cases, different hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres face a short supply of a kit that is needed to detect the fever at the early stage.

  • Dengue in Dhaka

    Dengue Outbreak in South Asia: Climate change the culprit?

    With the capital gripped by panic over dengue, experts said global warm-ing resulting from climate change is a key reason behind the rising num-ber of dengue cases.

  • Dengue fever in Bangladesh

    Dengue risk rising

    The graphs look chilling. A red line sharply shooting north, crossing a purple, a yellow, a blue and a green. “That's what dengue looks like this year,” said Dr Ayesha Akhter, in-charge of disease control room at the directorate of health, pointing to the red line representing the number of patients this year.

  • How to prevent dengue fever

    Act now to prevent dengue outbreak

    After a few months of relative relief, a large part of Dhaka South City Corporation is again at risk of suffering a dengue outbreak, a survey found. Out of the 2,599 buildings and construction sites they visited to conduct the survey, officials found Aedes larvae in 938, thus raising the concern.