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  • US election 2016: Trump, Hillary win in Mississippi

    Donald Trump wins two more states, Michigan and Mississippi, in his bid for the White House.

  • The chickens have come home to roost for the Republicans

    What a bizarre spectacle the US presidential primary campaigns are unfolding into! There is a lovefest among Democrats who cannot decide who they love more - Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

  • US Democrats spar on gun control

    Candidates for the Democratic race for the White House clash on gun control and healthcare in their liveliest TV debate so far.

  • Embrace time of 'extraordinary change': Obama

    President Barack Obama told Americans nervous about terror and the changing economy that they should not fear the future, in a farewell State of the Union address that drew sharp contrast with Republicans.

  • Can Hillary’s candidacy unravel over her emails?

    She remains Democrats' best hope -- for now -- to retain the White House, but Hillary Clinton has failed to shake an unremitting email scandal that has dragged down her perceived trustworthiness and upended her campaign.

  • It's one-way fight between Clinton and Bush - for now

    It was billed by some as a preview of next year's general election showdown - the leading lights of two political dynasties offering duelling speeches from the same stage in the key battleground state of Florida.

  • US, Israel ties hit new low

    President Barack Obama tells PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Washington would 'reassess' its options on US-Israel relations and Middle East diplomacy after the Israeli PM took position against Palestinian statehood during his re-election campaign, according to a White House official