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  • BNP seeks govt cooperation for council

    BNP seeks “all-out cooperation” from the government to make the party’s sixth national council a success.

  • The Teacher and the Preacher: Lessons of History

    Those who are involved in these jihad-inspired terrorist activities are no different from the Pakistani collaborators during the Liberation War in 1971. They wish to turn us again into a subjugated people who will not be able to think for themselves but do the bidding of others.

  • Ex-driver of Suu Kyi nominated for Myanmar president

    Aung San Suu Kyi's party nominates her former driver and close aide to be Myanmar's next president, as the Nobel laureate looks to rule her former junta-run homeland through a trusted proxy.

  • Wait for leading role

    Bangladesh returned to democracy in 1991 and since then the country has been ruled by two female leaders. In between, there had been around three years of interim periods, basically to hold elections. Bangladesh is also a rare country in the world where the two largest political parties are being led by two women for over the last three decades.

  • Trump and Clinton

    The potential contenders

    The Democratic primaries have been remarkably free of rancour, thanks to the mostly civil and substantive political debate. The Republican primaries, on the other hand, have become a three-ring circus.

  • A Democracy of Crisis

    Psychologists have suggested that humans have a natural preference for negative news, the public experience of which they enjoy via mass media. The reason is not necessarily 'schadenfreude' or secret pleasure derived out of other people's misery.

  • UP polls: BNP aspirants being harassed, says Rizvi

    BNP alleges that the party’s possible chairmen aspirants for the upcoming Union Parishad polls are being harassed in many places.

  • Would someone stop the madness of these sycophants, please?

    There are many in our land, living either at home or abroad, who possess the unflinching dedication to the values of our Liberation War...

  • Thomas Shannon and Shahriar Alam

    US recognises Bangladesh’s commitment to democracy: Embassy

    Bangladesh maintained its broad commitment to democracy which is one of the core values of US government, its Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs Thomas Shannon has said.

  • This is no way to strengthen democracy

    Yesterday, seven honourable members of parliament demanded my trial for "treason" for publishing reports that they claimed to have led to Sheikh Hasina's internment. We fundamentally reject this link as it is not based on facts.