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  • Day labourer jailed

    Man wanted electricity but landed in jail

    A day labourer was allegedly sent to jail on Wednesday for not paying electricity bills, even though his house at Mochagora village in Muradnagar upazila had no electrical line.

  • A long, hard journey

    Seventy-year-old day labourer Md Altaf Hossain from Nokathi village in Jhalakathi's Rajapur upazila has seven children, none of whom studied even as far as the Secondary School Certificate except one of his sons, Md Nasiruddin. Economic hardship made education elusive for the family but Nasiruddin, now 24, was determined. Unable to rely on financial support from home for his tertiary studies, Nasiruddin turned to pedal power.

  • Down in dumps

    The day labourer had thought of spending the whole day yesterday with his youngest son as he took a day off. But he had no idea that it would be the last day of his son's life.