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  • Four new banks in bangladesh 2018

    Dridex malware linked to BB heist

    Investigators links malware used by Russian and eastern European cybergangs to a string of bank heists that culminated in the record-breaking theft of US$81 million from Bangladesh's central bank, people familiar with the probe said.

  • Four new banks in bangladesh 2018

    US Congress launches probe into BB heist

    A US congressional committee launches a probe into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's handling of the cyber theft of $81 million from one of its accounts held by the central bank of Bangladesh, according to a letter seen by Reuters.

  • Philippines cancels license of remittance firm after BB heist probe

    Philippine central bank says it revoked the license of a remittance company that anti-money laundering investigators said was used to transfer some of the $81 million hackers looted from the Bangladesh central bank.

  • Confusion, panic order of the day

    Confusion and panic was the order of the day at the Bangladesh Bank yesterday, a day after its governor Atiur Rahman stepped down and two deputy governors were removed hastily amid strong criticism over the central bank's handling of the $101 million cyber theft.