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  • Five held over fake FB pages

    Rapid Action Battalion yesterday detained five people on charges of spreading propaganda and committing fraud by creating fake accounts on social media using names of several political leaders, including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  • Maia Deguito

    BB Heist: First conviction, after 3 years

    A court in the Philippines yesterday convicted a former branch manager at Manila-based Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) of money laundering, in the first conviction over the Bangladesh Bank reserves heist in which $81 million was stolen nearly three years ago.

  • 9 DIGs transferred

    New police unit to check cyber crime

    Social media users may have to be more cautious about making “unlawful” public remarks and sharing contentious items as it would soon be only a matter of hours for police to trace their origins with the help of special software.

  • Pakistan passes controversial cyber-crime law

    Pakistan has adopted a much-criticised cyber security law that grants sweeping powers to regulators to block private information they deem illegal. The National Assembly approves the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015 after the Senate had unanimously adopted it last month.

  • Digital noose to be tightened further

    Anyone spreading negative propaganda against the Liberation War or the Father of the Nation, using digital devices, will risk being sentenced to life in prison, according to the draft of a new law. The draft of Digital Security Act-2016 also stipulates two-year imprisonment for "deliberately" defaming someone or hurting anyone's religious sentiment by publishing or broadcasting something through digital devices.

  • 24/7 watch on online activity in Bangladesh

    The government plans to shell out Tk 150.51 crore for a project to tackle growing cyber threats by monitoring people's online and social media activities round-the-clock.

  • Microsoft tells UN more can be done to combat digital terror

    Microsoft told the United Nations yesterday that technology companies can do more to combat digital terror, but warned there was no single solution to prevent terrorists from using the web.

  • 25 'worst passwords' to use

    In today’s digital age, almost everyone has an online presence and with that comes the inevitable struggle for a good password to protect that data.

  • NY Fed feared cyber attacks before BB heist

    In the years leading up to hackers stealing $81 million from a Bangladesh central bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, senior Fed security officials examined the risk of such an attack - but judged the prospect unlikely, bank sources said.

  • Philippine banks seen to address vulnerabilities vs fraud

    Philippine banks are seen to reexamine vulnerabilities to potential fraudsters in order to avoid a repeat of the $81-million money-laundering scandal that has now become a global spectacle.

  • Reducing cyber risk of banks

    Guidelines on Internal Control & Compliance for Banks were issued by the central bank on March 8, 2016, which recommended the commercial banks to take insurance as a risk mitigation measure. Such insurances are not over-the-counter products, and must be customised as per each bank's unique exposures.

  • BB's Achilles' heel

    Cyber thieves might have found it easier to break into the Bangladesh Bank system after its local area network (LAN) was connected with its SWIFT operation, according to central bankers and investigators.

  • Confusion, panic order of the day

    Confusion and panic was the order of the day at the Bangladesh Bank yesterday, a day after its governor Atiur Rahman stepped down and two deputy governors were removed hastily amid strong criticism over the central bank's handling of the $101 million cyber theft.

  • BB installing monitoring software

    To stop any further hacking of its network, Bangladesh Bank is installing monitoring software on all its computers that would instantly

  • Serious breach of financial security

    The US$101 million siphoned off from Bangladesh Bank (BB) by cyber criminals was not only the single largest heist but also the first of its kind.

  • Star website faces rising cyber attacks

    Several hacking attempts to deface The Daily Star's website have been tracked and blocked since early February.

  • Cybercriminals stole billions last year

    Leading international software security group Kaspersky in its recent reports on worldwide cyber crime has placed Bangladesh in the world's number one position in both mobile malware attacks and offline attacks and 19th position on online attack target.

  • [WATCH] 13-yr-old fights internet bullying the smart way

    Luke Culhane fights back against abusive messages and social media posts in a brave way - by appearing in his own powerful video.

  • 13-yr-old fights internet bullying the smart way

    Luke Culhane fights back against abusive messages and social media posts in a brave way - by appearing in his own powerful video.

  • Facebook delegation due on Dec 6: Tarana

    Facebook authority will visit Bangladesh on December 6 to discuss a proposal about signing a deal with the government to combat cybercrimes in the country.

  • The limitations of ICT and Cyber Security Acts

    The Cyber Security Act is now open for virtual consultation on the ICT ministry's website.

  • Bangladesh cricketer Nasir Hossain.

    Catch these perverts, Nasir!

    Are we becoming perverts as a people? Sex-starved drooling morons? Look around and you tend to believe so.

  • Cyber security

    CYBER CRIMES: A threat that must be countered

    The cyber world might be at its peak today but it's not necessary danger-free. There are thieves, robbers, killers, cheats, and thugs in this world.

  • Interpol to assist Bangladesh in combating cyber-crimes

    Interpol assures Bangladesh of continuing need-based training support for the country’s police.

  • How to protect kids from cyberbullying

    What should adults do to protect their kids from psychological traumas due to cyberbullying? We have some advice:

  • Millions at risk from 'Freak' bug

    Microsoft issues a security warning about a bug called ‘Freak’ that lets attackers spy on supposedly secure communications