Global cooperation is not necessary to fight climate change

A global subsidy war could spur technological innovation, potentially driving down the price of renewables.

From rhetoric to realisation of climate actions at COP27

Despite demands from climate-change-affected countries, the issue of loss and damage has been contentious at the global forum.

Want to save biodiversity? Look to locally-led approaches

Locally-led approaches are community-focused but differs from our traditional practice in several ways, and are more effective.

We need a Global Summit on Inequality

The latest World Inequality Report shows tackling climate change and social injustice are part of a total political package.

Bangladesh can be the global lab for climate solutions

In the coming years, we have to deal with a new major global emergency called human-induced climate change, which will cause severe stress to our development investments.

OF CLIMATE CHANGE / Bangladesh moves up the climate change knowledge ladder

The climate change research community in Bangladesh, which consists of several dozen organisations, including public and private universities...

CLIMATE CHANGE / Big lessons from a small country

The mountain kingdom of Bhutan may not seem an obvious place to look for lessons on addressing climate change. But on a recent visit there...

Mushrooms fight climate change

The Paris Summit on climate change has ended with rich nations and developing countries clashing over who will pay for what.

POLITICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE / The Climate Vulnerable Forum Has Come of Age

The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) just held its high officials' meeting in Manila under the chairmanship of the government of the Philippines...

November 4, 2015
November 4, 2015

Can't we do at least this much?

The threat facing us all is very real, even if it is not as apparent to all of us as it is to the inhabitants of the small island states. There is a role for everyone in confronting it. The Paris conference must be a watershed moment, leading us into an era of green economic development and opportunity.