Chittagong hills | The Daily Star
  • Clear risky hills

    Owners of 17 hills prone to landslides were given a month-long deadline, ending on May 15, to remove 835 families and empty the hills.

  • Justice remains a far cry in the hills

    On July 28, fourth-grader Kirtika Tripura Chakma left her school premises to have a quick lunch at her home nearby. When her classes began after the midday break, she had not returned.

  • Forsaken, they live in danger

    Eleven years into the massive landslide in Chittagong that left 127 dead, the government is yet to rehabilitate those still vulnerable to the disaster.

  • Festive look in Bangladesh hills

    The majestic and mysterious hills might look serene from a distant. However, as one travels along the winding roads in the three hill districts, the exuberance ahead of the New Year among the ethnic communities there cannot go unnoticed.

  • Scenic Ctg hills turn to death traps (video)

    The scenic green hills of Chittagong turn to death traps with the arrival of rainy season every year.