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  • One Belt, One Road: We must secure our interest

    The ancient Silk Road, of which the Belt and Road Initiative is a gigantic new avatar, dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty's westward expansion more than 2100 years ago.

  • The New World Disorder: We must learn to live with it

    A fundamental law of physics, also applicable to the social sciences, is that everything in nature is in a state of flux. The sage Heraclitus had said we never step into the same river twice.

  • China surging ahead at bullet speed

    Cruising at a speed of 307 km/h, the bullet train ride from Shanghai to Beijing was smooth as silk—there was no klik klik sound typical of conventional trains as the wheels hit the short gaps between rails that we are all too familiar with on our all-too-typical trains. The only slight movement one feels on the Chinese version of the bullet train is when the turbulent wake of a passing bullet train makes the train squeeze against the air envelope of the opposing train.

  • Rohingyas refugees hurt in Ukhia lanslide

    China urges Myanmar to start Rohingya repatriation soon

    China, as part of its three-phase steps, urge Myanmar to start repatriation of Rohingyas as soon as possible saying it attaches great importance to Rohingya crisis.

  • US President Donald Trump

    Trump threatens more tariffs on China

    US President Donald Trump threatens to impose a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion of Chinese goods, prompting a swift warning from Beijing of retaliation, as the trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies quickly escalated.

  • Google Jobs Search Launched In Bangladesh

    Google to invest $550m in JD

    Chinese e-commerce giant JD and US tech giant Google Inc announces that Google will invest $550 million in cash in JD, as part of a strategic partnership.

  • stabbed dead

    Seven Chinese students killed in attack after school

    An assailant killed seven Chinese middle school students who were on their way home from classes, and the suspected attacker has been caught, state news agency Xinhua reports.

  • China hails 'courage' of North, South Korean leaders

    China heap praise on the leaders of the two Koreas for holding a landmark summit, calling their handshake over the Military Demarcation Line that divides the peninsula a "historic moment".

  • China for peaceful election in Bangladesh

    China yesterday said it wants to see a peaceful transition of power in Bangladesh through a smooth general election.

  • China raises tariffs

    China raises tariffs on US pork, fruit in trade dispute

    China raises import duties on a $3 billion list of US pork, fruit and other products in an escalating tariff dispute with President Donald Trump that companies worry might depress global commerce.

  • China's waste import ban upends global recycling industry

    For years China was the world's top destination for recyclable trash, but a ban on certain imports has left nations scrambling to find new dumping grounds for growing piles of garbage.

  • Stratford-upon-Avon

    China to recreate Shakespeare's birthplace

    China announces plans to recreate Shakespeare's birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon along with replicas of the playwright's homes, as part of an ambitious new international cultural centre that will pay homage to three literary greats.

  • China doctor

    Live head transplant ‘never’ allowed in China

    A former vice-minister of health in China dismissed the possibility of clinical trials involving a human head transplant, adding that an experiment done in China had severely violated ethical rules.

  • There is solution to NKorea, Trump tells Xi

    US President Donald Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday that he believes, like Xi, that there is a solution to the North Korea issue.

  • online classes

    Online classes gaining popularity among Chinese kids

    One-on-one online teaching for children, especially English lessons taught by teachers who are native speakers of the language, is becoming increasingly popular in China.

  • China Communist Party unveils new leadership

    China Communist Party unveils new leadership

    China's Communist Party reveals its new top leadership helmed by President Xi Jinping breaking with recent precedent by failing to include a clear successor among the seven-man line-up.

  • Xi ‘most powerful leader since Mao’

    China’s ruling Communist Party has amended its constitution to add President Xi Jinping’s name and ideology in an extension of his formidable political sway.

  • The economic case for China's Belt and Road

    Since 2013, China has been pursuing its “Belt and Road” initiative, which aims to develop physical infrastructure and policy linkages connecting more than 60 countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

  • Indian military helicopter crashes near China border, 7 dead

    An Indian airforce helicopter crashes in a remote mountain region near the border with China, killing all seven personnel on board, officials says.

  • Nkorean firms

    NKorean firms in China ordered to close by Jan

    China has ordered North Korean companies in the country to shut down by January as it applies UN sanctions imposed following Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test, the commerce ministry says.

  • China favours permanent solution of Rohingya crisis

    Communist Party of China assures Bangladesh of convincing Myanmar government to resolve the Rohingya problem permanently. The assurance comes from a meeting in Beijing between the CPC and visiting 18-member Awami League delegation headed by its presidium member Lt Col (retd) Faruk Khan.

  • ‘Unusual seismic activity’ in North Korea

    China's earthquake administration says it has detected a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in North Korea that is a "suspected explosion", raising fears the isolated state had conducted another nuclear bomb test weeks after its last one.

  • China endorses crackdown on Rohingya: Myanmar

    China endorses Myanmar's offensive against Rohingya Muslim insurgents, Myanmar state media has said, as the UN secretary-general has described the operation, forcing nearly 400,000 people to flee to Bangladesh, as "ethnic cleansing".

  • Awami League Flag

    Refugee Crisis: AL sending team to seek China's help

    In the wake of a fresh violence in Myanmar's Rakhine State and the influx of Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh, the ruling Awami

  • China hits back at Trump criticism over NKorea

    China hit back on Monday after US President Donald Trump tweeted he was "very disappointed" in China following North Korea's latest missile test, saying the problem did not arise in China and that all sides need to work for a solution.

  • China hits back at criticism over Nobel laureate's death

    China lashes out at international criticism after it denied Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo's dying wish to leave the country and faced pressure to set the democracy champion's widow free.

  • Don't look down: Glass bottom skywalk thrills in China

    Suspended more than 120 metres (400 feet) above a gaping chasm, the world's longest cantilevered glass skywalk is delighting and terrifying visitors in China.

  • Over 140 people feared buried in China landslide

    Chinese authorities launch a frantic search for over 140 people feared buried after a landslide smashes through a mountain village in southwest Sichuan province.

  • Toothpick crossbow craze has China quivering

    Handheld crossbows that can fire out needles and nails are the latest must-have toy in China but anxious parents want them banned before a young child gets blinded or worse.

  • China kindergarten blast kills 7, injures dozens

    An explosion rocks a kindergarten in eastern China, killing at least seven people and injuring dozens, authorities said, as state media published images showing bloodied and unconscious victims.