Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training | The Daily Star
  • Jobs abroad in decline

    Bangladesh continues to witness decline in overseas jobs over the last two years amid unabated malpractices in recruitment process, falling demand in the Gulf countries and an absence of effective steps to explore new markets.

  • 6.5 lakh manpower exported in 2015

    Bangladesh exports about six and a half lakh people this year in manpower that included some positive trends in the business, report says.

  • Skilled manpower shortage

    The low level of education of our workers is directly correlated to the low level of productivity. Without better education and technical training, we lose our edge. What is there not to understand? Yet, as always, it appears to take policymakers ages to come to terms with ground realities and get a move on.

  • Female overseas jobseekers’ selection starts May 24

    Government will select female migrant jobseekers from May 24 to 30 for sending them to Saudi Arabia as domestic helps.

  • Registration for female overseas jobseekers begins Thursday

    Online registration for Bangladeshi women seeking overseas jobs, particularly in Saudi Arabia, will begin Thursday.