budget 2015-16


AL'S affable finance minister is a lucky man having done the national budget more number of times than any other finance minister.

BUDGET FY 2015-16 / The simple math

A national budget is different from a family budget, in that, the government fixes its expenditure first and then goes for hunting the sources of income, whereas a family gets its income and then determines the items of expenses.

Budget 2015-16 / An unconventional perspective

In any case, the lowering of corporate tax is bad for the economy holistically as it will serve to widen inequality between the super-rich and the waged worker.

Thinking Ahead

There are very few programmes that exclusively target the extreme poor. A background paper has revealed the actualw amount allocated in the budget for the extreme poor may be even below 1 percent of the GDP.

Budget 2015-2016: GDP growth and private investment

Bold and aggressive measures are needed to establish specialised economic zones to attract private investment. Large scale public investments are required for special economic zones. Thus, the call for very ambitious growth target for revenue seems justifiable.

Muhith makes yet another correction to budget proposal

Finance Minister AMA Muhith makes another correction to the proposed budget proposal, admitting that such mistakes are creating problems and instability in the market.

MACRO MIRROR: BUDGET FY2015-16 / Predictable yet unachievable

Writing on budget has become a challenge for me not only because so much has already been discussed, but there is barely anything original in the budget.

Editorial / Budgetary allocation for people with disabilities

Jatiya Pratibandi Forum (JPF), in a press conference on Sunday, highlighted that there has not been any significant allocation for development of people with disabilities in the national budget...

GDP growth target 7pc

The government has projected the target of gross domestic product (GDP) growth at 7 percent for the upcoming fiscal year.

June 4, 2015
June 4, 2015

Private instt students to pay more

Finance minister proposes raising VAT on private education which includes English medium schools and private engineering and medical colleges, for 2015-16 fiscal.