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  • Rakhine State

    Myanmar militarising Rohingya villages

    Myanmar is militarising Rakhine Sate at an alarming pace as it is building security force bases and bulldozing Rohingya villages, making the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Rohingya refugees an even more distant prospect, Amnesty International said yesterday.

  • Reporter's Diary: Death, despair and destruction

    Six-year-old Hizbullah tightly grips his grandmother Shiriluk's hand.

  • Too little, too late

    Although it came quite late in the series of events, the UN Security Council statement Wednesday just reminded the world how terrible

  • Same chair, but worlds apart

    Samir Uddin, who rushed to help the distressed throughout his life, has now grown so old that he can't even move on his own. Until

  • Reporter’s Diary: Massacre, every day

    As I was heading towards Shah Porir Dwip, the uninterrupted range of lush green mountains had an entrancing effect. Momentarily, I

  • Reporter’s Diary: Alive, barely

    The day after the Eid moon was sighted, while the Muslim world collectively celebrated, Khurshida, 32, sat in her home in Buthidaung