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  • Brief incoming for blocked SIMs

    Subscribers using biometrically unregistered SIM cards will have their outgoing calls blocked after today, while incoming calls are likely to stay active for “a few hours”, according to a top official of a telecom operator.

  • All the biometric SIM registration memes

    People put up with the repeated messages and calls from customer service on their mobile phones, but continue to silently endure all, while producing a few hundred ingenious memes to vent their frustration.

  • Operators face trouble with SIM re-registration

    Mobile phone operators allege that they were facing troubles to re-registrar the SIM cards with biometric data.

  • Unregistered SIMs will be disconnected May 1

    The disconnection, which will be temporary, will accompany a warning that will give subscribers another chance to re-register within a specific period of time. But after that, defaulters will lose their number.

  • Matrix of Biometrics

    The man was up against a cave wall, holding his freshly ground and moistened haematite pigment in a coconut shell. He had spent the morning painting two Babirusas (pig-deer) with the chewed, bristly end of a twig. It was a hot day in Borneo; the forest breeze did not reach inside the cave. He was about to wipe the sweat off his brow, when the sight of his arm gave him an idea. He placed his hand against the cave wall and blew paint all over it, leaving an unmistakable imprint on the side of the wall. Little did he know that 40,000 years later – his work of art would dethrone European caves as the earliest instance of human creativity. Unknowingly, he had also become one of the first, deliberate users of biometric information.

  • SIM

    Legal notice seeks halt to biometric SIM registration

    A Supreme Court lawyer serves a legal notice seeking a halt to biometric registration for subscriber identity module (SIM) cards of mobile operators claiming it violates privacy and has a potential malafide intention.

  • Yahoo's ear-based identification system

    Yahoo is working on a way of unlocking a mobile phone using the owner's ear rather than a password or fingerprint.