Bharatiya Janata Party

Is BJP's policy of exclusion and segregation backfiring?

PM Modi's decision to inaugurate the new parliament building himself has garnered scrutiny.

Muslims are not alone in being hounded in India

Muslims are a major target in the culture of hate being fomented across India, so are the communities that don't fit the 'right' definition in an increasingly wilful right-wing state.

Prophet remark row: BJP activist arrested for anti-Muslim comments

Police in northern India arrested a youth leader from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), for posting anti-Muslim comments on social media after derogatory remarks by another party official about the Prophet Mohammad led to a diplomatic furore, officials said on Wednesday (June 8, 2022).

Modi declares victory for ruling party in state elections

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declares victory for his party in two state elections, including a closely-fought race in his stronghold of Gujarat where the charismatic leader fronted the campaign.

Kovind India's new president

Ram Nath Kovind, the candidate of India's ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, was yesterday elected as the country's 14th president with an overwhelming majority of votes from lawmakers.

India BJP leader says Muslims should stop eating beef

A senior leader of India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that Muslims living in the country should give up consuming beef.

The hardliners behind India Prime Minister Narendra Modi

An ascendant Hindu nationalist group wants minority Muslims and Christians to accept that India is a nation of Hindus, and is pushing some of them to convert.

Honour to Vajpayee great pride for India: Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi says it is a matter of great pride for India to receive BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s award for his contribution in Bangladesh’s Liberation War.

From murky to magical

The world does not look away when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks. As an early score, Modi cuts an impressive figure on the global stage.

May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015

One year of the NDA Government

Internationally, Prime Modi comes across as a leader who can take bold decisions and has the parliamentary majority to see it through.

May 5, 2015
May 5, 2015

BJP, RSS leaders discuss LBA with Bangladesh

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) brass met at the residence of party chief Amit Shah to discuss matters related to Assam, including the contentious Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh.

May 4, 2015
May 4, 2015

NGOs and agrarian crises

That the BJP is tilting towards the Hindu ideology is unfortunate, to say the least. But that does not mean those who are fighting against parochialism to underline the secular spirit of our constitution should be getting the wrong end of the stick.

March 31, 2015
March 31, 2015

Beef ban in India reaches cages of lions and tigers

Palash, the largest tiger at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, still paces his cage for the hour leading up to dinner and still pounces on his meal when his handlers lift the gate to his feeding room. But lately what the 440-pound feline finds is not his usual 15 pounds of raw beef, fresh from the slaughter.

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