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  • Bangladesh High Court

    Defaulters cannot get any fresh loan from banks: HC

    The High Court extends its earlier order which ruled that the defaulters, who have taken the opportunity for rescheduling their bank loans by two per cent down payment, cannot get any fresh loan facilities from the banks.

  • Loan recovery falters in first quarter

    Banks’ loan recovery in the first quarter of 2019 was 9.68 percent higher than a year earlier, but given the extraordinary rate at which default loans are increasing it seems below par.

  • Recovery fails to keep pace with default loan spike

    The pace of recovery of banks' nonperforming loans (NPL) was much lower than the rate at which their NPL increased last year -- an ominous development for the sector.

  • Outstanding Loans in Banking Sector: Big chunk held by bank owners

    In Bangladesh, industrialists and businesspeople become shareholders and directors of banks, and borrow money from each other's banks. And not only that, up to four members of a family can now be in the board of directors of a bank, up from two previously, after the relevant rules were amended last year following Finance Minister AMA Muhith's recommendation.

  • Interest rates rattle people

    Kaniz Fatima Binte Alam, a doctor, took Tk 48.50 lakh home loan at 8.5 percent interest in October last year from a lender with expertise in financing homes.

  • Bank Loan in Bangladesh of 2017

    Loan write-offs soar

    Banks wrote off Tk 452 crore in the three months to June last year, up by over 18 times from Tk 24.76 crore in the previous three months.

  • Financing tertiary education

    Every year, after the university admission tests, we find students who score well, but cannot afford their educational expenses, and eventually drop out. Private banks, on the other hand, offer many lucrative loan products for their customers, including education loans.

  • Bank loans to finance deficit

    The government will balance the Tk 20,000 crore budget deficit -- as a result of not imposing excise duty and the flat 15 percent VAT

  • Sadeque Hossain Khoka's Corruption case verdict

    SC directs Sylhet pvt medical college to submit financial docs

    The Supreme Court seeks for the documents on the bank transactions of Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College Hospital in Sylhet.

  • The Moral Compass

    The fact that the country's actual default loan amount - including that of written-off loans - in the country's banking sector has exceeded Taka 1 trillion mark for the first time, qualifies us to be one of the leaders of the corporate shame club.

  • BASIC Bank scam: ACC files 18 cases

    Anti-Corruption Commission files a total of 18 cases with three police stations in Dhaka in connection with alleged irregularities and corruption at BASIC Bank.

  • Loan to women entrepreneurs made mandatory

    Commercial banks and non-banking financial institutions must provide minimum Tk 50,000 as loan to at least a woman entrepreneur each year