Bangladesh Bank Governor Atiur Rahman | The Daily Star
  • Exit of a good man

    The former Bangladesh Bank (BB) governor must be lauded for taking the moral responsibility for the bank's financial mishap that led to a US$101 million heist from BB account at the New York Fed.

  • The (not so) dignified exit of a dignified man

    Without detracting from the undeniable fact that as the governor of the BB, the buck stopped with him, it may be fairly said that the 'graceful' exit of Professor Rahman has probably raised more questions than it has resolved.

  • Dr. Atiur Rahman

    The state of our institutions

    The BB Governor has done the only moral thing to do, resign. But that is only one aspect of the issue. The matter has generated several questions and people need credible answers to those.

  • BB sues unidentified persons for reserve heist

    Bangladesh Bank files a case against unidentified persons under money laundering prevention act for the recent heist of US$101 million from BB account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  • Atiur Rahman resigns as Bangladesh Bank governor

    Quitting out of moral responsibility: Atiur

    Atiur Rahman, who resigned as Bangladesh Bank governor this morning, says he opted to quit out of moral responsibility over the heist of US$101 million from the central bank’s account with the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

  • Central bank cuts policy rates

    The central bank has cut its policy rates for the first time in three years in an effort to spur investment and the GDP growth.

  • Forex reserve hits $27bn mark

    The foreign currency reserve of Bangladesh hits a new record crossing a $ 27-billion mark.

  • BB launches instant fund transfer system

    Bangladesh Bank (BB) launches Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) with 55 banks.

  • Dr Atiur wins "Central Bank Governor of the Year 2015, Asia" award

    Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr Atiur Rahman has been awarded with "Central Bank Governor of the Year 2015, Asia".