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  • BB still waits to get back $66m in stolen money

    Two years have gone by since the Bangladesh Bank cyber heist, but Bangladesh could not bring back the major chunk of the $81 million wired to the Philippines from BB's account with the New York Fed.

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    BB unlikely to extend FireEye contract for heist probe

    Bangladesh's central bank is unlikely to extend the contract of US cyber security firm FireEye to investigate the electronic theft of $81 million of its money, sources at the bank say, citing high costs as one of the factors.

  • Farashuddin wants further probe

    The government should carry out further investigation to find out whether the suspected Bangladesh Bank officials were really involved in the $101 million cyber heist, says Mohammed Farashuddin, head of the three-member body that probed the theft.

  • Govt probe hints at BB officials' links

    A government panel probing the $101 million Bangladesh Bank heist blamed the theft on SWIFT again and hinted for the first time at the involvement of central bank officials in its final report submitted yesterday.

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    NY Fed, BB, SWIFT to work jointly

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bangladesh Bank and SWIFT have vowed to work together to recover the $81 million that Bangladesh lost in a reserve heist three months ago.

  • NY Fed feared cyber attacks before BB heist

    In the years leading up to hackers stealing $81 million from a Bangladesh central bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, senior Fed security officials examined the risk of such an attack - but judged the prospect unlikely, bank sources said.

  • BB heist: Govt determined to take steps against all, says Muhith

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith says that the government is determined to bring all those involved in stealing money from the central bank’s account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York – be it foreigners and local.

  • BB's instant steps helped avert large scale heist

    Bangladesh Bank's prompt actions averted large scale hacking into its account with the New York Fed, Prime Minister Sheikh

  • Bangladesh will get stolen funds back: Philippine justice dept

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) assures that the money stolen by hackers from the Bangladesh Bank will be returned to its government as soon as possible but procedures have to be followed.

  • Philippine banks seen to address vulnerabilities vs fraud

    Philippine banks are seen to reexamine vulnerabilities to potential fraudsters in order to avoid a repeat of the $81-million money-laundering scandal that has now become a global spectacle.

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    Bangladesh Bank exposed to hackers by cheap switches, no firewall: cops

    Bangladesh's central bank was vulnerable to hackers because it did not have a firewall and used second-hand, $10 switches to network computers connected to the SWIFT global payment network, an investigator into one of the world's biggest cyber heists says.

  • BB heist: Panel submits report to ministry

    A government-formed committee probing the US$101 million heist from Bangladesh central bank account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York submits its preliminary report.

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    Dhaka bank sent 3 urgent messages

    Three messages sent by the Bangladeshi central bank to the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) on the morning of February 9, alerting the Yuchengco-controlled financial institution to the dubious provenance of the $81 million that was later revealed to be the largest money laundering caper in Philippine history.

  • Stop payment orders from BB 'vague': RCBC

    Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) says the bank could have held the stolen US$81 million if only the Bangladesh Bank sent "high priority messages."

  • BB heist: WB for including casinos in Philippines dirty money law

    The Philippines must make sure casinos are covered by anti-money laundering legislation, the World Bank says, joining calls for the government to better regulate its gambling industry after stolen millions from Bangladesh found their way to Manila.

  • BB fund heist: CID team to visit Philippines tomorrow

    A three-member team of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) will visit Philippines tomorrow night to coordinate with Philippine authorities on the money-laundering case over heist at Bangladesh Bank reserve account.

  • Kim Wong

    Don't ask where money came from, says Manila casino boss in heist probe

    For Kim Wong, the Chinese casino owner in the Philippines entangled in one of the world's largest bank heists, there are two golden rules for dealing with wealthy punters: always demand to see their money, but never ask where it came from.

  • Reducing cyber risk of banks

    Guidelines on Internal Control & Compliance for Banks were issued by the central bank on March 8, 2016, which recommended the commercial banks to take insurance as a risk mitigation measure. Such insurances are not over-the-counter products, and must be customised as per each bank's unique exposures.

  • Philippine bank president goes on leave amid $81m dirty money investigation

    Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) president Lorenzo Tan has gone on indefinite leave of absence on the heels of the government’s probe on the US$81 million in dirty money that slipped through the cracks of the local financial system with the bank’s branch in Jupiter Street, Makati as the gateway.

  • BB fund: Theft a blow to Philippine efforts to lure investors

    The Philippines’ failure to address the loopholes in anti-money laundering safeguards could affect even foreign investments in the infrastructure space, a conduit for which is the Aquino administration’s flagship Public Private Partnership (PPP) program.

  • FBI to assist CID to identify hackers

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is to team up with Bangladesh police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to investigate the cyber heist at Bangladesh Bank’s account with New York’s Federal Reserve Bank.

  • The (not so) dignified exit of a dignified man

    Without detracting from the undeniable fact that as the governor of the BB, the buck stopped with him, it may be fairly said that the 'graceful' exit of Professor Rahman has probably raised more questions than it has resolved.

  • Philippines bank manager 'confessed wrongdoing', says trader

    A businessman of the Philippines implicated RCBC branch manager Maia Santos-Deguito in the alleged scheme to launder US$81 million, saying she confessed she had done something wrong by opening an account in his name and even apologised for it.

  • Govt should quit over BB reserve heist: BNP

    BNP demands Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government's resignation over the recent heist from Bangladesh Bank account with Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

  • Need for better systems and protocols

    The news that foreign hackers attempted to off $101 million from Bangladesh Bank's account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York need not be viewed as a catastrophic failure...

  • BB installing monitoring software

    To stop any further hacking of its network, Bangladesh Bank is installing monitoring software on all its computers that would instantly

  • Banker in midst of heist controversy

    Maia Santos-Deguito, manager of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation's (RCBC) Jupiter Street branch in Makati City of the Philippines is feeling the heat of the allegation of laundering $81 million stolen from the US account of Bangladesh Bank.