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  • Prof Ajoy Roy passes away

    Renowned Professor Ajoy Roy, father of slain blogger Avijit Roy, has passed away.

  • Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy

    Charge sheet of Avijit murder case next month

    The charge sheet in blogger Avijit Roy murder case will be submitted next month, according to a high police official.

  • Charge sheet against six

    Avijit Murder: Suspect gives confessional statement

    A suspect in blogger Avijit Roy murder case yesterday confessed before a Dhaka court that he was among four Ansar Al Islam operatives who did a recce of the killing spot near TSC of Dhaka University five to six days before the murder.

  • CCTV footage shows ‘killer’ apparently following Avijit: Cops

    Prime suspect in bloggers -- Avijit Roy and Niladri Chattopadhyay Niloy – killing case, who was killed in an alleged gunfight today, is seen in CCTV footage when blogger Avijit Roy was killed last year.

  • Avijit’s father demands IGP’s resignation

    Ajoy Roy, father of slain blogger and writer Avijit Roy, demands resignation of the inspector general of police as “he failed to protect people”.

  • Dad was killed for having an opinion: Avijit’s daughter

    On the first death anniversary of slain Bangladeshi blogger Avijit Roy, his stepdaughter Trisha Ahmed recounts the father she remembers and the attack on her parents she is trying to forget.

  • Cops claim identifying 3 Avijit killers

    Police claim to have identified three persons “who directly took part” in the killing of secular writer and blogger Avijit Roy last year. The three are members of banned militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team, according to cops.

  • US hopes for breakthrough in Avijit murder probe

    The United States envoy hopes to see a ‘breakthrough’ in the ongoing investigation into the murder case of Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy saying the ‘real culprits’ will hopefully be netted.

  • Avijit murder: FBI reports soon

    Examination of the 11 evidence, which were collected from the crime scene of blogger Avijit murder and sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have been completed, Additional Commissioner Monirul Islam of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) said today.

  • Book fair: Cops to provide spl security to writers, bloggers

    Law enforcers will provide “special security” to writers, bloggers and visitors at the Ekushey Book Fair if they ask for it, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police says.

  • Avijit murder: Light was inadequate, cops say

    Police say the road in front of Bangla Academy where blogger Avijit Roy was killed last year was not adequately lit.

  • 'Save voices of Bangladeshi free thinkers'

    Rafida Ahmed Banya, the widow of Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy, urges the international community to come forward to help save the voices of Bangladeshi journalists, writers, bloggers, and publishers and help them maintain a healthy secular society.

  • Neither 'isolated' nor tolerable

    The politics of manipulating the religion card and the denial of responsibility of the state to ensure citizens' basic rights have put the country in a situation, from where there is no immediate return.

  • Watch: Paris street temporarily 'renamed' after blogger Avijit

    Reporters Without Borders (RSF) temporarily labels the street name in front of Bangladesh Embassy in Paris after slain Bangladeshi-American secular activist and blogger Avijit Roy marking the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists.

  • CPJ condemns attacks on liberal minds

    Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has condemned Saturday’s separate attacks that killed publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan and injured another publisher Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury Tutul.

  • Opinion: Remedy begins from admitting problem; not denying it

    It’s time the government should admit to itself that whatever measures it had taken or not taken to uproot militancy, is not working or working in a very limited way. The government cannot gain anything from false assurance and denial.

  • Attacks on Avijit’s publishers are isolated incidents: Kamal

    A day after the attacks on two publishers of slain blogger Avijit Roy, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says such attacks are isolated incidents and not new in Bangladesh.

  • I don’t want justice either: Banya

    Like the father of publisher Faisal Arefin Dipan, slain blogger Avijit Roy’s wife Rafida Ahmed Banya does not seek justice for the murders of the bloggers and publishers.

  • Avijit’s publisher, 2 bloggers hacked in Dhaka

    Unknown assailants stab the publisher of slain blogger Avijit Roy along with two bloggers in Dhaka’s Lalmatia area. The injured are attending to treatments at DMCH with wounds to the head. Condition of publisher Tutul and another are said to be grave.

  • 3 Avijit killing suspects remanded again

    A Dhaka court places three alleged members of Ansarullah Bangla Team on a fresh three-day remand in connection with the killing of blogger-writer Avijit Roy.

  • Blogger killings: 'Mastermind' held in Dhaka

    Law enforcers claim to have arrested three militants of Ansarullah Bangla Team from Dhaka including the mastermind of Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy killings.

  • Opinion: Is this rule of law?

    Human rights leaders are blaming the long pervasive culture of impunity as one of the major reasons for the gruesome killings of children and bloggers.

  • DB takes over Niloy murder probe

    DB takes over charge of blogger Niladri Chattopadhyay Niloy’s murder probe from police, three days after the killing.

  • Failure to stop bloggers' killers frustrates people

    With the fifth murder of a blogger spreading a wave of frustration among the general public, The Daily Star talked to people on the Dhaka University campus today to know what they were thinking about the situation.

  • Opinion: Niloy murder shows the hole again

    The government’s image as a secular, progressive and anti-militant political force has been greatly damaged by such killings and the government should look at itself in the mirror to see if this is the image it is happy with.

  • Yet another blogger killed

    Yet another online activist is stabbed to death by unknown assailants at his East Goran residence in Dhaka.

  • Taslima Nasreen flees to US after death threats

    Award winning Bangladeshi writer and human rights activist Taslima Nasreen flees from India to the US after she was named as an al-Qaeda murder target

  • Taslima Nasreen moved to US amid death threats: CFI

    Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen moved to United States by the Center for Inquiry (CFI), New York-based advocacy group, which says that she received death threats, reports The Huffington Post.

  • Bloggers die young (video)

    It is hard to believe that a group of writers are in mortal danger in the country now just for expressing their opinions. But that’s the truth.

  • UN experts condemn bloggers' killings

    Condemning recent killings of bloggers in Bangladesh, UN human rights experts warn that it is an alarming signal of deterioration of the space for freedom of expression.