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  • Russia ‘capable of more’ in Syria

    Vladimir Putin has said Russia is using "far from everything we are capable of" in its military operations in Syria.

  • Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war ‘mistakes’

    Tony Blair apologises for mistakes made over the Iraq War - and said there were "elements of truth" to claims the war caused the rise of Islamic State.

  • Nobel Economics Prize to wrap up 2015 awards season

    The 2015 Nobel season wraps up with the announcement of the winner of the economics prize, which could go to research into the job market or consumer behaviour, though no obvious frontrunner stands out.

  • Mubarak jailed in corruption retrial

    Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak sentenced to three years in jail on corruption charges after retrial.

  • The“Arab Spring”that is no more

    FOUR years after the abdication of long-time Egyptian autocrat, President Husni Mubarak, in what seemed a watershed moment in recent history, the“Arab Spring -- a succession of popular uprisings in Arab countries -- seems depleted, defeated, and reset to zero.