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  • primary and secondary school final exams

    28 foreign-aided projects see slow implementation

    The implementation of at least half a dozen foreign-aided projects involving more than Tk 6,000 crore has become uncertain as those

  • Budget without a basis

    Our finance minister has proposed a mega budget of Tk 4,00,266 crore for FY2017-18, of which Tk 1,53,331 crore is earmarked for Annual Development Programme (ADP).

  • ADP implementation reaches 41% in 9 months

    ADB rate of implementation, including self financed projects, during first nine months (July-March) of current fiscal year (FY16) reaches 41% with overall expenditure of Tk 41,888 crore.

  • JS passes Tk 2.95 trillion budget

    Parliament unanimously passes the near Tk 3 trillion budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year that has a deficit of below five percent.

  • Tk 97000cr ADP okayed for FY 16

    The government approves Tk 97, 000 crore for Annual Development Programme for the upcoming fiscal year.