World Food Day 2022

World Food Day 2022

Healthy diet for healthy bodies

Our bodies are important. They are the vessel through which we live and experience everything in this world, and so it is important we take care of them. And while exercise and good sleeping habits are important in keeping us healthy, in the end, it is diet and nutrition that play the largest role in maintaining and sustaining a healthy body.

Grocery shopping to level up your diet game!

It is often hard to wave goodbye to the sugary and high fat containing foods that filled the void inside you for a long time. However, the primary step in achieving a healthy lifestyle is to adopt a healthy diet, and that originates from the choices you make while shopping for your groceries.

All Time Croissant: Your everyday companion

As our preference for food is slowly taking a foreign route, croissants are gaining popularity among the urban populace. A croissant is a delicacy that our local tastebuds have come to enjoy. Bakeries all around the city now offer this popular food.  

Zerocal : A healthy choice for replacing sugar

The continuous rise in prices of sugar is posing problems for consumers. Not only are we paying more for a staple food product,

Bazar365: An environment-friendly approach to online shopping

Every time we shop for groceries, it appears that plastic is an inevitable part of the experience. While many companies are slowly implementing upscaling, introducing paper bags and biodegradable plastic,

Farm to Fork: A responsible way of production by Nestlé

The largest food and beverage company in the world — Nestlé — has been practicing a sustainable approach to production that is beneficial to the organisation, society, the environment as well as the consumers.

All things food

They say you are what you eat. They are right! Not only does food have the power to elevate your mood or make your day, but also provides the fuel that keeps you going.

A guide to healthy food habits for your children

World Food Day is observed to highlight the importance of an inclusive society where everyone, including children, must not be left behind when it comes to food security. In line with this theme, we need to make sure our children are growing up healthy and have access to nutritious foods, whether at home or school.