Pahela Baishakh 1426

Pahela Baishakh 1426

Quamrul’s Bengal

February 2, 1988. Presiding an evening session of the Second National Poetry Festival at the University of Dhaka, famed artist Quamrul Hassan doodled what would become one of the most important works of his career, and our art history.

Bonbibi: The guardian spirit of the Sundarbans

The tiger was not far away. He saw the large animal that was coming towards him. Fierce. Greedy. Hungry. Death comes in different

Toys and simpler times

“One day, you and I will be as far apart as this kite is now from the natai,” he said and giggled. “You will be a gentleman working in an air-conditioned office. I will be a labourer in some distant land.”

The real Lalon

Only a year later, in 1890, Shaiji would breathe his last at the age of around 117.