Xtra by Aplectrum

A unique vision bringing solutions to your gift delivery problems

Aplectrum Solutions started its journey with a vision to become a premium name in software industry of Bangladesh. In their goal to activate a bigger scale of business, Aplectrum recently launched a new service for a faster and efficient gift voucher delivery system called Xtra. The founder and CEO of Aplectrum, Monjurul Alam, sat with us to tell us about his new product:

What is Xtra?

Xtra is a gift voucher delivery systems that connects businesses with merchants and consumers. Through our website, businesses and merchants can sign up to provide discounts and vouchers to their preferred clientele.

How does it work?

There are two kinds of services provided by Xtra, First one connects companies with shops and consumers to help distribution of samples and products. For example pharmaceutical companies that want to provide medicine to doctors, can use this system to keep tabs on what products the doctors need and deliver them.

If a local boutique wants to deliver a voucher, they can send the number of the client to Xtra and then the client will receive a text instructing him to download the Xtra application and avail the offer.

What element is unique about this service?

Consumers can use this service to gift the discounts and vouchers available to them with other consumers. All other enterprises providing discount assimilation limit their services within the delivery of business to consumer. We allow our customers to share their gift vouchers with others.

How did you come up with the idea of Xtra?

6-7 months ago, I was given two discounts gift cards by banks to two different food chains.  It occurred to me that if a client was offered multiple vouchers from multiple companies, it'd be very problematic for them to carry the cards around with them all the time and portability of any service is important. Xtra is a solution to that problem, as you can use this to store, use and keep track of all your voucher cards.

What hurdles did you face while launching Xtra?

It was hard for merchants to trust this service as the payment of offers is made to Xtra by consumers. We are currently trying to solve that problem by attempting to create a direct payment method.

What does Xtra mean in Aplectrum's legacy?

Maintaining high quality has been our top priority and we have ensured that in our services. However, we have wanted to launch a service of big scale and Xtra will enable that dream as it reaches a vast user base of consumer. Let's see where it goes in the coming days!


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