Martyred Intellectuals Day 2020

Martyred Intellectuals Day 2020


There are few moments in any nation’s history as shameful and devastating as the targeted killings of intellectuals in Bangladesh by the Pakistani army and its collaborators in 1971

MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY 2020 / Literature and national consciousness

National consciousness, unless we twist the expression to mean tribal consciousness which is as old as history, is a comparatively recent phenomenon.

MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY 2020 / Kobor: A unique artistic representation of an unusual situation

He made it clear at the very beginning that he was passing extremely hectic times and that it would not be possible for him to talk for long.

MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY 2020 / The last days of a martyred intellectual

We were on strike today to protest the attack on India. None of us went to the university. I sat at home and prepared examination questions. I didn’t go anywhere else today. By evening, I had finished the question paper for the Honours students.

MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY 2020 / ‘Won’t Sareng come home?’

Whatever her worries, however enormous her anxieties, somehow as soon as she went to bed, all these would be pushed aside by the remembered face. Kadam’s face seemed to make her forget even the pangs of hunger, t

MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY 2020 / Rifle, Roti, Aurat: The first novel on the Liberation War

Dawn broke in Bangladesh. Shudipto is an early riser, and today was no exception. But it could have been. He didn’t sleep much last night.