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  • “There should be at least five more MFS competitors”

    What was the situation of the Mobile Financial Services (MFS) industry before Nagad came onto the scene?

  • 50 Years of Bangladesh: Accelerating export-led industrialisation

    Bangladesh’s economy has experienced significant structural transformation during the last five decades. At the time of its independence,

  • Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh

    For Bangladeshis in their motherland and the world over, celebrating 50 years of their independence and the centenary birth anniversary of the one who led us in this journey to freedom, this is indeed a milestone.

  • Bangladesh: A journey of ascendance

    Since Henry Kissinger famously branded Bangladesh as a “basket case,” (a remark for which he still owes an apology), the country has come a long way. From its fledgling footsteps, it has become a bold, confident, and creative nation as it continues to ascend its learning curve and improve overall well-being.

  • Bangladesh at 50: Some reflections

    For our generation, who grew up when the Bengali nationalist movement was gaining momentum and witnessed the genocide and National Liberation War of 1971, the golden jubilee celebration of Bangladesh is a time for both celebration and reflection.

  • Bangladesh economy through a “turning point’ lens

    The economy of Bangladesh has come a long way in the past 50 years. The enduring image of Bangladesh earlier was that of a disaster victim.

  • Golden jubilee of Bangladesh rings silver jubilee of mobile

    Bangladesh celebrated its silver jubilee of independence in 1996. It coincided with Awami League’s triumphant return to power after 21 years with Sheikh Hasina’s prime ministerial debut.

  • Bangladesh’s journey with health in the past 50 years

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 in its article 25 mentions that, “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family,

  • Women’s movement: The challenge of change

    Bangladesh has begun to rate high in official statistics on indicators of women’s advancement. In the last 50 years, women have emerged from their invisibility to feature in Bangladesh’s development discourse.

  • Reclaiming our foundational values in education

    On the 50th year of its birth, Bangladesh has crossed the bar to join the ranks of developing countries. It aims to be a developed country in two decades.

  • Agriculture in Bangladesh: The last and the next fifty years

    Almost 75 years ago, the British had left India and yet the people in this part of the world were not yet meaningfully free of their political and

  • United Nations Peace Operations and Bangladesh

    While celebrating its golden jubilee of independence on March 26, 2021, Bangladesh can take pride in many remarkable achievements in its growth and development.

  • Migrants’ contribution to the 50-year journey of Bangladesh

    As Bangladesh celebrates its Golden Jubilee, and marks 50 years of independence, there is much to look back on and even more to look forward to.

  • Demystifying the “Development Miracle”

    Bangladesh’s achievements are exemplary for many developing nations, including Pakistan. The main credit lies with the visionary leader,

  • Fifty years of disaster risk governance in Bangladesh

    Bangladesh has been facing the challenges of disasters due to natural or anthropogenic causes for decades. Prior to independence, this part of land was recognised only as a poor and disaster-prone one.

  • Mega Infrastructure needs mega planning

    Mega infrastructure includes power, telecommunications, transportation, housing and health. Skilled engineering and technical professionals with ample understanding of the evolving needs of the industry and society are the key to successful planning, construction, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of mega infrastructures.

  • The journey at 50: Looking back, looking ahead

    Bangladesh and I shared our first decade together. Unsurprisingly and somewhat self-servingly, I tend to relate to Bangladesh’s journey at an instinctive level, the way one remains absorbed with one’s own life,