The story of my very first period!

It was the 29th of March in the year 2023. The day was as usual for me, I woke up at six o'clock in the morning then I had my breakfast and got ready to go to school. I played along with my friends and had loads of fun. When the bell rang we all rushed into our classroom.

In the middle of science class, I felt a slight pain in the lower part of my belly. In the afternoon, when my school hours were over, my mother came to pick me up from my school. After coming back home, I hurried to the washroom and saw a blood stain in my pant!

As I have already read my mother's book on menstruation, who is a famous Gynecologist, I was surprised and happy at the same time. I called my mother. She guided me how to manage my period.

My mother gave me medicine when I felt pain in my lower belly and it went away. My father helped me to get sanitary pads. As I was on my period, my parents became more cautious about my nutritious diet. I started light exercise for my growth and development. Next morning, when I went to my school, I informed my teacher that I experienced my very first period and my teacher supported me in many ways and also guided me regarding the disposal of the sanitary napkins.

What terrifies me is that, there is no clean toilet with adequate water facilities, soap and disposal bin in the public places where I frequently visit. I think our authorities would take the necessary actions for it to make these available for us.

I wish happy, healthy period experiences for all!

The writer is a student, and health activist.