The Shukla solution

Indian Premier League chairman Rajiv Shukla addresses a press conference. File Photo: AFP

IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla has suggested that there is an easier way for BCCI to increase their revenue share, one that might lead to better conflict resolution with the ICC.

Shukla is known for his tactical acumen in the BCCI corridors and at the Special General Meeting on Sunday he proposed that rather than fighting it out with ICC, the Indian cricket board should just engage in playing a short home series and make up for the loss due to the reduced revenue share as per the new ICC revenue model, Yahoo Cricket reports.

While the Committee of Administrators (COA), appointed by the Supreme Court wanted the decision makers to refrain from taking any action that serves Indian Cricket negatively, a few among the members wanted to pull out of the Champions Trophy. Shukla came to the rescue.

“I felt that rather than getting into a legal tangle or stopping the players from participating in the mega event, it was best if we sort it out in an amicable manner. The ICC has already said that they are willing to pay another $100 million to the already earmarked $293 million. So, that makes it $393 million.

“Now, there is a gap in the calendar where we earlier had the Champions League. If we use that window to play a home series, we can easily make around approximately Rs 200 crore from the broadcasters alone. BCCI gets around Rs 43 crore for an international match. So, even a 5-game ODI series is enough. Now, if we multiply it by five years, we get our Rs 1000 crore,” Shukla explained.

When asked how he got the idea, Shukla revealed “It was a policy suggested by former BCCI chief Jagmohan Dalmiya and I just felt it was the most feasible option in the current scenario. I am glad the other members agreed to the idea.”

Shukla suggested that COA insisted on not taking a stubborn stance on the matter and thus a middle-path strategy would work best. “The COA had also asked us to keep the doors open for future discussions and not take a tough stand,” he said. 



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