ICC World T20

Taskin, Sunny reported?

Bangladesh pacer Taskin Ahmed and left-arm spinner Arafat Sunny have been reported for suspect bowling actions during the side's ICC World Twenty20 first round match against the Netherlands in Dharamsala yesterday, it has been learnt from sources.

Even though no official confirmation was available as none of the Bangladesh team officials agreed to make any comments regarding this issue, the news in the air last night was that both the bowlers had invoked suspicion of the umpires during the match, which Bangladesh won by eight runs.

Sundaram Ravi of India and Rod Tucker of Australia were the two on-field umpires officiating in this match.

Under ICC regulations for bowlers reported during international matches, Taskin and Sunny will have to have their actions tested within 14 days of being reported, but will be able to continue playing international cricket during this period.

Taskin, who had a brilliant Asia Cup campaign finishing earlier this week, continued his good work in the World Twenty20 as he conceded only 21 runs in his four-over spell. Sunny, on the other hand, bowled two overs for 10. Both the bowlers, however, remained wicketless in the match.


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