Boka Baksho


Key Cast: Afran Nisho, Mehzabien

Director: Sazzad Sumon

Channel: NTV

Life, while on rotating wheels, is highly unpredictable. The roads' sundry divergence instigates the birth of limitless notions within us, known or unknown, regarding the whole concept of our life and existence. Rolling in the highways we laugh, we cry, we let our hair loose in downstream wind and look back through the open windows only to see all the trees, houses and people we leave behind. But this feeling of having lost so much hardly consume us, as we simultaneously collect fresh new experiences to fill up the vacuum. It can be love, it can be hatred, and it can be both, at the same time. And as if our subconscious mind knows these feeling ever since the beginning of everything, we trust, and develop faith in these momentary emotions. We are skeptical and irresolute, and we are just comfortable with it. Thus, comes the grand shillyshally: Doiroth.

The story begins with both Jerin (Mehzabien) and Rakib (Nisho) rushing to catch their buses to return home for Eid. As the two bump into each other, some trigger to a series of misfortunes is pulled. With a surprising case of allegedly forged tickets for a non-ac bus the drama proceeds. To end all the mystery a staff explains that both the tickets were original and there had been some sort of system failure allotting the same seat ticket to two different clients. For a drama to be aired in a male-dominated society, now the staff requests Rakib to 'man up' and take the next bus. After some ridiculously innovative attempts, the staff proposes them to share the seat by taking turns until their destinations come, which the passengers agree to. After much shenanigans inside the bus, Jerin sleeps during her turn only to wake up to find Rakib having taken shelter on the bus roof, which immediately builds a sense of concern and empathy for her fellow-passenger. She manages to get Rakib down from the roof to say sorry and let him have his share of the seat rather uninterrupted. Melted by the lady's generosity, Rakib alters his stance this time to deny all the cozy comfort. The steamy romance slowly blossoming takes a pause when the bus suddenly stops due to mechanical failure. With the bus going out of order sine die, the two now find an alternate way out on moving wheels, this time on a rickshaw-van. Perhaps we should name this the 'magic-van', because the very moment it starts rolling, the couple is found unusually beguiled. But in a city of envy and retaliation, magic only lasts for a jiffy. As the van also leaves the unfortunate travelers in the middle of nowhere, Jerin quickly makes her way to the last available easy-bike en route and also takes the last available seat. With his manhood challenged, Rakib rages on with his ratchase. It is also how Rakib's secret talent of being an easy-bike driver comes out of the sack. Jerin states how important it is these days for women to be self-sufficient. However, Rakib tends to think otherwise, saying her bravery would end in vain if it hadn't been for him appearing to her rescue. Even after all this turmoil, the couple seems to be just in the mood for silly jokes about Rakib's age, studying in Bangla department of BUET, and whatnot. Shortly after a police officer intrudes their safe haven, the couple ends up in jail with charges of auto-theft.

Overall, director Sazzad Sumon did a good job of portraying the homesickness stirring inside each of us as we count our steps towards what we call, and feel, home. At the same time, the drama establishes the age-old saying, 'magic can happen at any time, anywhere'. Rakib's handing back Jerin her protection stick and Jerin's making a sigh of relief tells the audience that there are still men who could prove to be dependable, unconditionally. Nisho played his role marvelously, Mehzabien also did fairly good. The side characters' acting could have been sharper.  After a few more interesting twists, the story comes to an end with Mehzabein safely escorted to her home-sweet-home. Rakib still seemed to have something special left to say to his partner in distress, then again, what's a good drama without some mysteries left unsolved?


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