Endearing Smiles, Funny Toons!

Due to popular demand, 'Showbiz Eid Special' returns once again with 'Chora Toons', special poems dedicated to ten unique celebrities from all walks of showbiz: TV, music, theater, and entertainment in general. This segment appeared on last year's 'Showbiz Eid Issue' as well and we take care not to feature an individual more than once. Hence, those from last year have not been re-featured.

The concept of caricature and humorous poems tend to be misunderstood by many. Many fail to realize that they are all done in a very light tone, where the true intent is to show appreciation. This is our way of thanking these wonderful individuals who have been pillars of our entertainment industry.

Aly Zaker needs no prior introduction. His prominence is felt everywhere he graces his presence with. He is a very close friend of ours who even has a column in Star Showbiz. He is our well-adored “Chotlu bhai”. 

Rafi Hossain

Sagor bhai is truly like the sea. He is always there to lend a helping hand when you need one. His growth in the media is exemplary and a feat we have personally seen since the get-go. 

Afzal Hossain is someone who simply doesn't age. We might just find him as a hero to the newest heroine! He is working everywhere at his own amazing pace, and we are always more than happy to cover his progress. We will keep on working with Afzal bhai as long as possible.

Our two 'melody queens', Runa Laila and Sabina Yasmin, have defined and re-defined the art of singing in this country. Runa Laila has international claim to her fame, but of course, Sabina Yasmin is never far behind. Just like India has Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, we have our immortal duo.

The man known for being quite 'naughty' in films, but an off-screen appearance that is quite the contrary, is Misha Sawdagar. Even though we know him for his villainous roles, he has been doing some positive roles as well. He has more than ensured his claim in the Bangladeshi film industry.

Moushumi is yet another individual who doesn't seem to age. Her sweetness seems to be stuck in a frozen frame, always radiating the same brilliance as she did from the beginning. We used to call Kobori “mishti meye” but it seems that name should be given to Moushumi now instead. We hope to see her continuing her fabulous work on-screen. 

Chanchal Chowdhury has been re-discovered through Aynabaji. After his blockbuster performance in Monpura, he seems to have been missing in the film industry. So many years later, he wows us with another blockbuster, cementing his legacy as a true star. We hope to see more fantastic work from him both on films and dramas. 

Purnima's fire never dies down. Even after years of dedicated work in the industry, we believe she has a lot more years going for her, and she will keep on being the symbol of glamor we have always seen her as. 

Last but not least, we have the 'Nawab' of films, Shakib Khan. Just as Nawabs of the past were known for romantic antics, we have seen Shakib in the same light, as recent happenings would indicate. What seemed to be the end for this actor, turned out to be a gesture of his actual 'happily ever after'. Is it really so though? Only time will tell! 

These ten individuals are of different characteristics and different flavors. Instead of burdening ourselves with grave seriousness all the time, we should take the time to be happy and join in simple fun. There are lots of shows on TV to help one do that too. Thus, let's forget worries for at least one day and be what Eid entails us to be: Happy!

Eid Mubarak. 

Rafi Hossain


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