Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Director: Matthew Vaughn

Screenplay: Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman

Cast: Channing Tatum, Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore

Duration: 141min

Rating: 6/10

PLOT: After the ultraviolent encounter with Valentine and the shocking death of Galahard, Eggsy joins Kingsman as the new Galahard. Things were going better than ever for Eggsy until the headquarters of Kingsman blows up overnight and the world is held hostage. Members of Kingsman seek out in search of allies; stumbling upon the Statesmen, a spy organization similar to the Kingsman but set in the US. With desirable twists in the story, unexpected revelations and zero compromises on the gruesome details of violence, the Kingsmen set out on yet another adventure to save the world.

REVIEW: The first Kingsman film had a cartoony yet an ultraviolent take on action movies but the sequel took the franchise's absurdity a step further. The Golden Circle is filled with the goofiness expected from the name of Kingsman. It begins with the unexpected resurrection of two important characters that play the role of a hero and a villain respectively.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a fun movie to watch with its high-end gentleman act and fun revelations of gadgets once in a while, but it's nothing different from the original Kingsman. Yes, the plot is slightly different from the last one but this film was very predictable from the very beginning because of its similarity to the first movie. The cinematography and climax were nothing different from the first one. Even though the genre claims to be action and adventure, the movie has a knack for humor and comedy. Whether that's a good thing or not depends on the viewer's tolerance for illogical gruesome death and action scenes that are exaggerated beyond understanding. Even so, the music and the portrayal of these scenes make it rather fun to watch in a weird way.

Among all these absurdity Elton John shows up and brings in a little breath of fresh air. Channing Tatum also makes a brief appearance making the film perkier with his usual charisma. The film also portrays Julianne Moore's impressive talent at playing a villain. Overall, the movie was like a rollercoaster on its own. With new emotional ties in place and nastiness to the idea of a weird portrayal of the President of the United States, it's a film that explores the concept of going big with ideas both good and bad. An exhausting, exhilarating yet fun watch.


Reviewed by Munia Islam


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