Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright

Screenplay: Edgar Wright

Cast: Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Lily James

Duration: 113min

Rating: 6/10

PLOT: The crime boss Doc (Kevin Spacey) hires Baby (Ansel Elgort) for a robbery syndicate as a getaway driver, knowing the reputation of Baby as a talented driver. Later when Baby meets his eventual girlfriend Deborah (Lily James), he decides to quit Doc's work and live happily with her. But fate wasn't on his side. Life isn't easy when you get involved in criminal tasks, as the story of Baby the Driver eventually unfolds.

REVIEW: First and foremost, Baby Driver is a film meant for action movie fans. It's filled with fighting, music and jokes, and does manage to provide decent entertainment. The remixes and tunes that have been used made the movie rejoicing and fantastically entertaining. It will give you the old-fashioned vibe and also a touch of modernity at the same time. The jokes were enjoyable but a lot of them simply sounded nonsense. Ansel Elgort's performance as a driver with tinnitus was compelling and despite initial expectations, did not feel awkward at all. His name being "Baby" was an intriguing aspect to the film, but it seems Baby himself is never bothered by such an unusual name. His casual attitude and preference of listening to his personal soundtrack all the time makes him stand out as quite the interesting titular character.

This movie shows how easy it is to be mixed up with the wrong people and how hard it can be to discontinue criminal activities. A life of crime was something Baby never wanted, but time and time again his fate seems to differ. The portrayal of such a moral may not have been overly realistic, but it did manage to portray the unpleasantness of such situations. Overall, the movie had its good moments and is a recommended watch for entertainment purposes alone.


Reviewed by Farhana Sharmin Ali


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