Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has been honoured with many accolades throughout his career in show business. Among the countless nominations, we provide you with the list of some of the awards he has won over the years.

Grammy Awards:

1973     Album of the Year

1980     Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male

1995     Best Traditional Folk Album

1998 Album of the Year; Best Contemporary Folk Album; Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male

2002 Best Contemporary Folk Album

2007 Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance; Best Contemporary Folk/Americana Album

2016 Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album; Best Historical Album


1980 GMA Dove Award for Album by a Secular Artist

2000 Academy Award for Best Original Song; Polar Music Prize

2001 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song

2007 Prince of Asturias Awards

2008 Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

2009 National Medal of Arts

2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom

2013 Officier de la Legion d'honneur

2016 Nobel Prize in Literature (yet to be claimed)


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