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Director: Bodiul Alam Khokon
Writers: Kashem Ali Dulal, Lawrence Raghavendra
Cast: Shakib Khan, Eamin Haque Bobby, Apu Biswas, Amit Hasan, Misha Sawdagor
Strength: Story and script
Weakness: Makeup and costumes
Runtime: 160 minutes
Rating: 2/5
Plot: A young man and his lookalike team up to fight injustice and settle their personal scores with the evildoers.
Review: The story revolves around the character Hira (Shakib Khan) who is a software engineer by profession and a generally good hearted person. While visiting the house of the local neighborhood ruffian Salma Khan to save his uncle, he sees Priya (Apu Biswas), who turns out to be Salma's sister, and falls instantly in love. Word reaches Salma that Priya's new boyfriend Hira is from a rival gang and plots to have him killed. Salma Khan puts her men on Hira's trail and arrives at a place where they plan to kill him, but things don't go as planned as Salma Khan Witnesses the killing of a Minister by Hira. Puzzled at the sight of the murder, Salma Khan sends her entourage to investigate about Hira. Later on, a CBI officer (Shiba Shanu) comes barging into Salma Khan's residence and takes her into custody. Once under police custody, she finds out that Hira is wanted for the murder of several gang members, much to the astonishment of everybody.
The movie presents a lot of the tried and true vengeance plotlines from lots of other productions. The characters conflicting actions will give audience constant surprises and Shakib Khan has done yet another great job in upholding his character in the movie. Hero the Superstar is all about the Hero himself, Shakib khan. He portrayed both characters perfectly. Misha Sawdagor also did a very good job portraying the villain. The movie may utilize some used up ideas but the plot twist makes this movie watchable.

Reviewed by Abdullah Al Amin (Rubel)

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