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12:00 AM, March 22, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, March 22, 2018

Struggles of having acne prone skin

It's the day of the big event. The clothes have been ironed, the shoes have been picked out, the chauffeur has been warned to be on time. You just have to start getting ready. You think of doing exactly that when look in the mirror. Alas! What is that ghastly thing on your face? Why, a pimple of course! We've all had that day when it's just the day before Eid, or our brother's wedding, or even a first date, and we start to get breakouts. We try our best to find some magical way to make that oily, shiny blotch of redness disappear or at least, make it temporarily invisible. Be it YouTube searches or grandmother's home remedies, I've tried it all and here's how I deal with such emergencies:


Acne is basically caused by pores getting clogged with either dirt or oil. So, after a long, tiring day, don't just plop on the bed directly, remember to actually wash your face.


We've all done it, we've scoured YouTube to find out ways to get rid of a pimple in a day. In most cases it doesn't work. There exist no magic creams like those shown in the “Don't judge challenge.” However, many people do swear by Tea Tree Oil as instant pimple treatment. Although it works wonders for some, it has some cons attached to it. Firstly, like many fixes to problems on the internet, it is sure to burn a hole in your wallet; 10 ml of this substance costs almost a thousand taka. Secondly, it has an extremely strong smell. So you can't just casually put it on your face and expect to have a decent conversation with the person next to you, without them throwing up.


Although our grandmothers and the elderly clan brandish their enchanted concoctions of raw turmeric or neem paste, there's little that even they can do with just hours to go before your important day. Moreover, if you're not a big fan of gooey mixtures with weird smells, this would not be your cup of tea. Allergic reactions are of another concern here, triggering more blemish production instead of curing one.


With the cornucopia of makeup available in the market today, you'd think that making that obnoxious pimple disappear would be a piece of cake. Put on some concealer and foundation, set it with powder, and you're done. Well, if you're an expert in makeup and are confident in your skills, go ahead. Sadly, not everyone is equally dexterous in putting on makeup. For instance, in my case, whenever I try putting on makeup, I look like a two-year-old playing with her mother's possessions. So, for those incompetent makeup artists, there's more to the story.


Wash your hands with antibacterial hand wash before touching your face because our hands contain a lot of bacteria that we aren't even aware of. If your pimple doesn't disappear overnight, look for long term remedies to treat current blemishes and also to prevent further acne formation. One of the easiest, and yet effective steps that you can take for fresher skin is to drink more water.

Dermatologists recommend drinking at least three litres of water a day as this will help flush out toxins and prevent acne. Research shows that eating healthy keeps not only your internal body environment healthy, but also keeps your skin clear and naturally radiant. So, remember to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid excessively fried and oily foods, along with too much dairy, as these have been said to cause acne. If things get worse, definitely see a dermatologist to find out a more particular treatment especially suited to your skin type and apply the medicine as prescribed.


Do NOT pop your pimples. It only pushes the bacteria and pus deeper into your skin, stimulating further acne formation and could potentially lead to scarring. Another important thing is to not stress out because not only can that trigger excess oil production leading to further breakouts, it also imbalances the hormonal system of your body.

It really doesn't matter if you've succeeded in getting rid of that pimple or hiding it in some way or the other. As clichéd as it may sound, you are beautiful just the way you are, with or without blemishes. Confidence is key, so even if you have acne on your face, rock it!

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