Types of UNO Players

UNO is a classic card game. You can play it almost anywhere, have a good time with your friends and lose a few of them in the process, courtesy of the notorious "Draw 4 Cards" card. As you play the game, you'll notice certain stereotypes pop up over and over again. Yes, it's another "types of people" SHOUT article, so buckle up and get ready to get hit with a blast of relatability.



Most of us were this player when we had just learned to play UNO. So you got to know of this fun new game that everyone's playing. You learned the rules and now you're about to use your falsely assumed superior intellect to destroy everyone. Your carefully calculated moves have led you to this turn. Just two cards in your hands, and then you proudly lay one down. The game is yours next turn. But wait, somebody just screamed at you that you didn't yell out "UNO". And now you have to draw another cards.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present, "The Rookie". This little rule gets almost all of them.



The rookie was most likely the victim of this player. These people have a special knack of catching people failing to say UNO in time when they're down to their last card. While that's something everyone tries to do, what separates these players is their overwhelming enthusiasm. You can identify them by their sheer proficiency and speed and often making embarrassing false calls.



The loudest mouth in the game, keeps the game lively with their constant energetic commentary and predictions. Sometimes, these players can get especially annoying and tend to over-react when on the receiving end of a power card. Talkers either make the game engaging and draw everyone in or get on everybody's nerves. There's no in between. 



In UNO, you're not supposed to look at another player's cards. Well, "supposed to". These players get a kick out of getting a small glimpse of one unimportant card from another player's hand and bragging about it. They are responsible for all the weird ways people adopt to hide their cards during the game. Honestly, as annoying these players can be, a game of UNO isn't really the same without them.



Someone just laid a card down and yelled UNO. He or she has just one card left. These moments bring forth astonishing amounts of teamwork and unity. Everyone in the game except the player on "UNO" now comes together, discusses the possibility of the player having which card, how they can create a combo of their power cards to bring the player down. If the "Draw 4 Cards" power card is the cause of broken friendships, the conspirators are the reason of coming together of forming bonds. Except of course that one player the conspirators are conspiring against. The best part, everyone is a conspirator when the time comes.

No, people with a strong sense of ethics don't count.


Mushfiqur Rahman Shanto is a lost and confused soul going through his early twenties' crisis. Send him life advice at [email protected]


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