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Game of Thrones characters in our everyday lives

Apart from a gripping story and deep lore, one of the biggest charms of George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, and its subsequent television adaptation “Game of Thrones”, is without a doubt its strong multi-dimensional characters. Character building is never easy and it's harder to get the general audience to care for them. Game of Thrones does this successfully, considering the fate of these characters concern us to such degree. Perhaps the reason why people invest themselves into these fictional characters is because how believable they are. In spite of it being a medieval fantasy, we can find characters in our everyday lives similar to the ones in the series which is a commendable feat considering we live in a world devoid of swords, and dragons, and plotting masterminds. Well, maybe not the latter. So these are the Game of Thrones characters we find in our everyday lives. 

1. THE JON SNOW: That one person in your friend circle who is impervious to every single pop culture reference. Every time someone cracks a joke you all have to wait five solid minutes till they finally get it. Oblivious and plain at first impression, has a good brave heart which makes them irreplaceable. Has a knack for speaking out his mind no matter the circumstance. They make an astute leader. In spite of his down-to-earth demeanor, knows how to motivate the people around him. Generally a good person to be around who stand out due to straightforwardness and good old simplicity. He can finish a tic-tac in 30 seconds. Make of that what you will. 

2. THE TYRION LANNISTER: That one person among your friends you always go to when you need advice? The Tyrion Lannisters in our lives stick out from the crowd with a clever sense of wit and an amiable sense of judgement. They always have a solution to every sticky situation. Whether it's a heartbreak or “building new alliances”, they know just what you should do, or they think they do that is. You never see them with someone long enough. And the closer you get to them you realize that all the sharp witted jokes and passive aggressive memes are just there to cover up all the insecurities. But they are strong enough to own up to them, which makes them seem so special.

3. THE DAENERYS TARGARYEN: You see them all the time on social media writing essay-length rants on everything wrong with society. Whether it works or not is a different matter. They will never stay put in the face of injustice. Their outspoken attitude gets them a lot of hate but you can see the purity behind their intention whether it ever achieves anything or not. Sometimes they go out of their way to remind who's in charge. In spite of their quirks, they are good and righteous at heart. If they are convinced of your reason, they will go out of their way to help you. Amazing with pets as they're likely to have pet dogs or cats which you would see on Instagram every day. They always surround themselves with an interesting set of company. They might not say it out loud but they would prefer it very much if you bend the knee to them. 

4. THE CERSEI LANNISTER: The queen bee. You see them with the most depressing posts on social media. In spite of your repeated effort, they would never open up to you. Passionately loves someone who they can't ever have. Not a good person to cross paths with as they would make it their life's goal to get revenge. A bitter person to be around but you can't help but think what they had to go through to turn up like this. They always feel the need to be in control all the time. Extremely focused on their aim in life, will do anything to achieve it no matter what the cost is.

5. THE SAMWELL TARLY: The topper. After years of being bullied left with a terrible case of social anxiety. Studies for fun. They're not good with people.  But once you get to know them you find out that they have the warmest heart you can imagine. Will put their lives on the line for those who are near to them. Deep underneath they're braver than they show.

6. THE PETYR BAELISH: That creepy person you keep running into who's been an enigma to you from the start. You know they are up to something but you can't put your finger on it. They always have a smile on their face, a smile that has more vitriol to it than sincerity. Has in-depth knowledge of everything happening around them although you rarely see them. Keep trying to pass off their philosophy with snide remarks that does little else than irritate people. 

7. THE JORAH MORMONT: Had been hung up on the same person for an unhealthy amount of time. Can't seem to let go of their unhealthy obsession. Have decided to remain close to that person even though it ends up hurting them even more. They have a past they are not proud of. Protective and calm-headed in general.

These are only a small pool of GoT characters that we often seem to find in our lives. We all know an “Olenna Tyrell” among our aunts who seem to care about everything that happens in the family or the ever unreliable Bronn who would do anything for you provided you give them a treat, and so many others. Apart from the gripping story, these well-fleshed out characters are grounded in reality. Which is why we see so many of their traits in people we know in real life.

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