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12:00 AM, April 26, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 08:13 AM, April 26, 2018

A guide to shopping in Doza

If you are one of those people who always keep wondering how girls in Dhaka always manage to somewhat keep up with the haute couture despite always complaining about being broke, then you have not been paying enough attention.

Are you into cheap thrills? Then I have two magical words for you my friend: Dhaka College. No, saying these words out loud will not conjure pretty cold-shouldered shirts; this is what you say to the rickshaw-pullers. Like all our flawed systems, there is a glitch with this landmark too. You will actually have to go to the opposite of Dhaka College and magically, the rickshaw-puller will have decoded that message.

The term “Doza” sprouted from its parent name of “Badruddoza Super Market” and has been dominating the charts of the 'most uttered weekly word' among young female Dhakaites. Once you step inside the market, the smell of freshly rejected garments fill up your lungs and make you go through the most intense shopping spree of your life. You will stumble across clothes which are picked up from this very place and sold at fancy outlets at the price of your soul.

The shopkeepers are integral parts of the core mechanism at Doza. What you have to remember is that they are well aware of all the latest trends that are flooding the market so trust their recommendations.

You will also have to develop the art of bargaining if you already haven't inherited it from your ancestral Bangladeshi traits. After you have spotted the endearing turtleneck, before the helplessness to buy it takes control of your facial muscles, get a grip on your greedy materialistic desires and stop your face from contorting to the thoughts of your latest profile picture in that dress. Remember, the shopkeepers can sniff your daydreams from miles away so you have to give your best Oscar-worthy performance of not caring about the turtleneck you are ready to kill for. You have to lead them to believe that you are indifferent and only then you will have the upper hand in the bargaining act. (Wait, did I just discover the key to a happy relationship?)

If he does not agree to your monetary terms, then slowly turn around with an air of debonair and start walking away. Be careful to take long slow strides. Hold your breath and count to 5 and right then if you hear “Appi, ektu shune jan”, be sure that you have won at life. If not, then try walking by the shop a few more times. If you still cannot get them to cave, don't be disheartened because you just might get lucky and find better material in the very next store. (Oh wow, did I just provide more wisdom on life?)

Another tip to get the shopkeeper to listen to you is claiming that you are a regular customer of the store even if you have never been there. They would take you for a very loyal customer and would hesitate on losing their platinum cardholder of a member.

However, a few words of caution. Be careful as you might run into a few million others wearing the same outfit that you thought would make you stand out, if you buy something that is already on display. What you have to do is dig deep into their collection in order to truly look exclusive. Enter with a bottle of water as walking for hours and haggling in your meanest voice possible is sure to leave you dehydrated. The zigzagging alleyways are capable of qualifying as one of the tasks in The Triwizard Tournament so when you come out fulfilling your goals, do not forget to feel like a champion.

Think of Doza market as the rebellious younger half-sister of Gawsia, who refuses to grow up and listen to her mother screaming at her to only wear salwar kameez.


Iqra suffers from wanderlust, dreams of discovering the Loch Ness Monster and occasionally complains about Economics. Tell her to get a life at iqra.kashmir53@gmail.com

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