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Urban Dictionary - Dhaka Edition

Do you sometimes feel that despite all the hundreds of words that you devoured for your university admission exams and SAT you can barely convey what you are actually feeling? Well then, turn to the lexical resources o fDhaka youth. These creative words and terms do not beat around the bush and get straight to the point when it comes to expressing yourself. Let me discuss a few.

Badbuzz (can also be substituted by pera): A feeling that demolishes all your happy vibes and kills all the “feel good” hormones in your body. You might wake up a content person, cherishing the rainbows and butterflies with a spring in your step, when suddenly something or someone evokes this “badbuzz” in you and all your vibrations for the rest of the day will be out of tune.

Friend 1: Dost, exam er jonno pora shuru korsish?

Friend 2: Ei badbuzz ta akhon na dile hoito na?


Ho tarpor ar ki ki kormu ekta list de: The ultimate retort to someone constantly commanding you away. Its birth place was the comment section of a football-related social media page after which it gained popularity like wildfire. It denotes the perfect passive-aggressive connotation of resistance and riot. Once applied on someone, the person will momentarily stutter and will shy away from ordering in the future.

Son: Ammu, ajke biriyani banao.

Ammu: Ho tarpor ar ki ki kormu ekta list de!

Son: …


Appi nyc lagca: The supreme pickup line of the century. The terms of usage comes with caution as its capacity to make someone fall for you is stronger than Cupid's arrow. It also has the power to manipulate and change opinions in a jiffy. Should be pronounced exactly as it is spelled or else the results can falter.

Boy:  You should be arrested for looking this pretty.

Girl:  Eww. Go away.

Boy: *thinking quickly* APPI NYC LAGCA!

Girl: *swoons* Hey you, want to play Ludo Star tonight?

Mama/mamma/mammmaaaa: We are a compassionate race and we thrive on making bonds with the people surrounding us, be it even for a fleeting moment. The best technique to strengthen this connection is to address them as mama, keeping in mind that it's a reciprocal process. The thumb rule of mama-zoning an individual is also imperative before asking for a favour. Starting from your rickshawala and mudi'r dokandar to your friends, practice this on anyone and share the love.

Boy: Mama, chaa er bill koto?

Tong wala: Arreh mamma, bepar nah. Kalke dileo cholbe.


Senti: Imagine drinking too much of bottled up emotions and then suffering from an overdose. This happens when these feelings get the best of you and make you sulk in a corner at a party as you suddenly recall that she never texted back. It's an extract from “sentimental” but is actually more hardcore than the original word itself.

Taylor Swift on TV: We - are never ever ever - getting back together! 

Friend 1: What's wrong with her?

Friend 2: Meye ta bhaloi senti khay.


Khela hobe: The optimum way of throwing a challenge at someone. It is said with an attractive arrogance when you are self-assured about the outcome of a power-struggle. It shows that you are actually looking forward to enjoying the dare which gives you the image of someone dripping with confidence and will surely induce fear in the heart of your opposition. Use with hashtag in social media for ultimate validation.

Leader of an NYC gang: We are going to destroy you.

Dhaka'r pola: Tui Dhanmondi 9/A ashish, khela hobe.


Pinik: The ultimate ecstasy that can be achievable; it is the Nirvana of Bangladeshi youth. This sensation does not occur on a regular basis but is a phenomenon of special circumstances. Think of yourself chillin' with Bill Gates, who just happened to donate you all his money, and then the woman of your dreams also promised you her heart and her kidneys (if need be). That's pinik for you.

Dude 1: Ayy man, my crush just “Love” reacted on my profile picture!


Dude 1: Pinik, mamma, pinik!

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