Cafe CAF: Of fresh brews and all-day breakfasts

There are a few things that make a coffee shop worth spending time at—a cosy atmosphere, good music, a delicious bakery, a decent breakfast menu and of course, a selection of excellently brewed coffee. While many coffee places fall short on a few of the aforementioned criteria, Cafe CAF has definitely rejuvenated my love for a hearty breakfast and coffee.

I went to the quaint little shop in Banani on a sunny afternoon. What I learned from doing a bit of snooping on their Facebook page, the food and decor looked quite high end. So, naturally, I was sceptical about the price of the food.

Upon entering, I couldn't help but appreciate the stunning interior, consisting of black walls and glass doors and windows, with soft, warm lighting, for a sombre black-gold theme. A waiter brought me the menu and as I went through it, I realised that all the items were reasonably priced, considering how good the menu and the place looked.

So far so good, I thought, it was time to put the food to test. I started off with a caramel latte along with what they called "The Breakfast". As I waited I learned that the shop offers personalised coffee art and I couldn't resist but try it out. I sent them a picture of my friend's pet dog and once my cup of coffee arrived—a complimentary cookie on the side—I was ecstatic. The cream was topped with a clear image of the dog, done in edible ink. The presentation was also pleasing, with brass cutlery and wooden trays.

The coffee itself was creamy and rich in texture and tasted quite smooth. The caramel flavour was prominent and yet subtly infused with the freshly brewed coffee. The cookie that came with the coffee was a treat on its own, and I hope they start selling them separately soon.

While I was sipping down on the coffee, the breakfast arrived. The platter included a fried egg, sausages, beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash browns, and toasted bread. The bread used is multi-grain, making it both delicious and healthy; the hash browns went perfectly with the fried egg and beans and the mushroom was bursting with flavour. Overall, the meal was filling and most importantly, very fresh.

Next, I ordered their Oreo Cheesecake, and a Green Apple Mojito. The melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake was soft and delectable while the mojito was refreshingly tangy and delicious.

I was particularly fond of the presentation of each of their items and how neatly everything was plated and prepared. I also enjoyed the little details like the white and brown sugar cubes that came with the hot coffee drinks. You also get a wide view of the road, which brings in a lot of natural light into the shop, adding to the charm of this coffee shop.

Personally, I am very excited to visit Cafe CAF again, and I would highly recommend it to anyone living around Gulshan and Banani. The shop opens at 8 AM in the morning and closes at midnight. So drop by Cafe CAF and treat yourself to some good coffee and food any time of the day.


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