Autumn Festivals and Nobanno

Ancient societies were agrarian. From farmers at the bottom to zamindars and kings at the top, everybody depended on a good harvest. The word harvest derives from the Old English hærfest which means autumn. The autumn harvest was usually the largest harvest of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather was neither warm nor cold. Everybody prayed to the heavens for manna (sustenance) to fall. When manna did fall, there would be feast and festivity. When manna didn't fall, it could spell disaster for everybody.

EVENT / Mini cars, big meet

Model car collecting is a hobby best suited for individuals with patience and a taste for war as everyone scrabbles for the best pieces. Here's the 2nd meetup of the biggest collectors' group in Bangladesh.


Pahela Boishakh or the Bangla New Year is that one day of the year urban Bengalis celebrate their heritage by having rice soaked in water with onions and red chillies that force them to spend the following week making sudden trips to the toilet.