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  • Asrar Chowdhury

    Asrar Chowdhury teaches economic theory and game theory in the classroom. Outside he listens to music and BBC Radio; follows Test Cricket; and plays the flute.

  • The Origin of Eid-ul-Fitr Songs

    How did "O Mon Romjaner Oi Rojar Sheshe" come to be?
  • In search of Satyajit’s roots

    Maa showed little Manik, “This is where you’re from.”
  • An ode to cricket, taken with a pinch of salt

    The Commonwealth of Cricket: A Lifelong Love Affair with the Most Subtle and Sophisticated Game Known to Humankind (HarperCollins India, 2020) is Ramachandra Guha’s latest book on cricket. It is his ode to a game his mother introduced him to at the age of four, and his father told him stories of.
  • The Dimensions of Fasting

    Religions have provided time-tested moral codes of conduct.
  • Why Do We Choke Under Pressure?

    The 2016 T20 World Cup Final. West Indies needed 19 runs off the last over. An unknown Carlos Brathwaite stormed his way into the history books with four consecutive sixes. West Indies won the T20 World Cup for the second time. Ben Stokes of England was bowling the last over. How could a dependable person like Stokes choke under pressure?