EWU holds seminar on “Antibiotic Resistance, A Silent Killer: Bangladesh Scenario in Global Perspective”

"Antibiotic resistance" has become a widely discussed topic in the healthcare setting due to its negative impact on human health and treatment. In order to spread awareness, the Department of Pharmacy, East West University (EWU) arranged a seminar on "Antibiotic Resistance, A Silent Killer: Bangladesh Scenario in Global Perspective" on March 19 at the Manzur Elahi auditorium of EWU.

The seminar was chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin, the Chief Advisor and a former Governor of Bangladesh Bank. Dr. Mohammad Anwar Hossain Howlader, Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, was the Chief Guest and Md. Nasser Shahrear Zahedee, Member of the Board of Trustees, EWU, and Chairman of Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was the Special Guest.  Prof Dr. M. M. Shahidul Hassan, VCof EWU also spoke at the seminar. Dr. Mohammad Anwar Hossain, VC, Jessore University of Science and Technology, was present as the keynote speaker.

During the seminar, the World Health Organization (WHO)'s imposition of a "silent pandemic" warning from infectious pathogens which have already become resistant to antibiotic medicines that are currently used in clinical settings was discussed.

The seminar further discussed how the scenario in Bangladesh is much more alarming due to the higher incidence of antibiotic misuse or overuse and the lack of knowledge regarding antibiotic resistance. According to a 2021 survey by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), antibiotics of higher class are used in about 70 to 80 percent of situations where antibiotics from lower class or even treatment without antibiotics would suffice. A survey among children showed that about 18 percent of children under five years of age who were hospitalised due to pneumonia were suffering from antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains. Carbapenem, which is the final resort as antibiotic therapy in life-threatening situations has become ineffective in 60 percent of cases in Bangladesh.

Awareness among mass people is one of the most important steps to fight this situation. Speakers hope that this seminar will play a key role in the prevention of antibiotic resistance, spreading awareness among the community and in the establishment of rational use of antibiotics.         


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সিটি নির্বাচনে অনিয়ম সহ্য করা হবে না: সিইসি

প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার (সিইসি) কাজী হাবিবুল আউয়াল বলেছেন, ‘নির্বাচনে অনিয়ম ও পেশিশক্তির ব্যাবহার কঠোর হাতে দমন করা হবে। সিটি নির্বাচনে কোনো অনিয়ম সহ্য করা হবে না।’