Dragon Ball's Heir

One Punch Man was a fairly unknown series until the anime was released. It was originally a webcomic that started way back in 2009. The webcomic rapidly gained popularity and was later adapted into a well-drawn manga for Shonen Jump. Once the anime came out this October, it has been the talk of many.

One Punch Man revolves around Saitama, a man who can destroy everything with one punch. It may seem odd for a protagonist to be super-powerful, since we've grown used to the same formula of the protagonist aspiring to be strong. Other than Saitama, the rest of the cast are unique in their own right. I particularly like how characters all have their ranks in terms of how strong they are and how they are based off of typical anime archetypes. Really takes you back.

The anime looks beautiful. It absolutely fleshes out the manga in colour and jaw-breaking animation. It retains its humour and has solid fight scenes. The art style is definitely worth mentioning. I believe the voice acting and soundtrack lacks impact, but that's just the vibe they want to set. Everything about Saitama screams average.

One Punch Man is a nostalgic flashback to when we used to get adrenaline rushes from watching Goku or Superman beat up bad guys. You can find hints of Digimon from its dynamic art and action sequences. One Punch Man managed to recreate the old days with an incredibly fresh outlook.

I can't say that the story is anything special. Granted, it is unique, but nothing else. And as for the concept itself, I'm unsure on how long they can drag it before it gets stale. As for the anime, there's a lot to cover on the manga so it will remain fresh for a long time.

Verdict: One Punch Man is pretty funny, has amazing action scenes and characters.

 It is the best anime to come out in late 2015. It is also the anime that have Dragon Ball Z fanboys worked up on who's the strongest fictional character.

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