Caring for your car in winter Things to keep in mind

Winter is one of the nicest times to experience Bangladesh as the weather stays chilly and it does not get ice cold outside by any means. Many turbo flutters go by, through the thick fog that sets at night time and some might say boosting season is almost here. This week, we talk about how to take care of your car during the winter season, going over a few tips and tricks to keep your drive without hiccups

CNG cars

When it comes to CNG cars, the issue usually is starting up the car when it is completely cold. The car usually does not tend to start and stays stuck in the ignition. As CNG is a drier fuel compared to octane, although it's cleaner, the engine lubrication is minimal; which ends up drying up engine peripherals.

The best way to keep the car running is starting the car with regular octane and switching the fuel line when the car temperatures go into operating conditions, this way there are less chances that the car would stall.

Fog and headlights

During winter time, roads in Bangladesh tend to get foggy where the mist gets quite thick during night time. It's a great time now to buff out hazy headlights if your car has them and ensure the fog is working correctly to keep yourself and any approaching cars safe as it could be hard to see without clear lights through thick fog.

Paint protection

As humidity tends to stay low during colder seasons, car paint usually accumulates extra dust and grime, which also tends to be dry which stays stuck and causes feathery scratches on the paint.

The best way to protect the paint from dry dust is by washing the car right after a trip with just running water first, then with your desired shampoo made especially for cars, which does not strip wax and other components that usually protect the paint.


A couple other things to keep in mind is to check vital components such as the engine oil and coolant levels as these levels tend to fluctuate when it gets colder, mostly because the viscosity increases. Make sure to check the oil level as it tends to drop more than usual, ensure to top it up, the dipstick is your best friend, and pour up accordingly.

These are some of the ways that you can stay prepared ahead of time for colder weather, which we hope will be enjoyable.


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