The SATs: Explained

What is the SAT? What does it evaluate?

3w ago

Climate Crisis: Explained

What is the common factor between you, a student stuck on a rickshaw in 40-degree Celsius temperature, and a polar bear, stranded on a tiny piece of ice?  You’re both suffering under the global climate crisis.

What you need to know about inflation

Inflation leads to the devaluation of a particular currency.

Jalebi, Saree, Samosa: When did we become too good for Bangla?

“It just doesn’t sit well in your mouth, ma.”

Menstruating for the first time

People who never get prior education always end up panicking.

What They Don’t Tell You About the Statement of Purpose

The SOP, in a way, is a conversation with the admissions committee.

What is this morbid curiosity?

Knowing the unknown isn't bad. But it's up to us where we draw the line.

YouTuber Burnout Explained

Since its inception fourteen years ago, YouTube has become a fundamental part of our lives. Not just for the youth but for people of all ages, it is an indispensable tool

Explaining buzzwords related to climate change

It is important to first understand the words that scientists use.


Ever since an especially fascinating Science class in middle school, the pouring of rain followed by sunlight to this day makes me look...