Pakistan’s criticism met with Dhaka’s protest

Motiur Rahman Nizami
Pakistan on Thursday, May 12, 2016, summons Bangladesh acting High Commission Nazmul Huda and hands over its resolution expressing “serious concerns” over the execution of war criminal Motiur Rahman Nizami. Star file photo

Bangladesh has handed Pakistan a protest note in response to the condemnation Islamabad handed Dhaka today over the execution of top war criminal Motiur Rahman Nizami.

Last week, Pakistan voiced concern over the imminent hanging of a top war criminal in Bangladesh and the ex-chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Nizami. In response, Bangladesh told Pakistan to stop meddling in its internal affairs.

After his execution, Pakistan's parliament yesterday passed a unanimous resolution in condemnation of the execution. The resolution was handed over to Bangladesh's acting high commissioner to Islamabad, Nazmul Huda.

Md Faisal, director general, South Asia of Pakistan foreign ministry, called for reconciliation after handing over the resolution to Nazmul Huda around 12:30pm (Pakistan time).

In a response within hours, Mizanur Rahman, secretary (bilateral) at Bangladesh's foreign ministry, called up Shuja Alam, Pakistan envoy in Dhaka, at his office at 5:00pm, sources at the ministry said.

Shuja Alam was handed another strongly worded protest, his second this week, said a press release issued from Bangladesh's Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

After a brief 10-minute meeting that started at 4:52pm, Shuja Alam told waiting journalists that the "recent incidents won't inflict any adverse effect on the relation of the two brotherly countries."


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