Opinion / We need humility, not hubris, to turn the economy around

While a privileged minority, sitting in their high castles, continue to enjoy a larger and larger share of the fruits of “development,” it is becoming obvious that the vast majority are increasingly struggling.

1w ago

Fear and loathing surrounding India’s election

After the first phase of voting, Modi seems to have changed his campaign strategy, focusing more on firing up BJP's Hindu base.

1m ago

Should social media be our new public square?

Aside from posting, social media has become the go-to place for many to get their news, views and overall information, and for communicating them.

2m ago

CAA and its effects on Indian secularism and regional stability

The Act, clearly, is a step in the wrong direction.

3m ago

Roadmap for banking reforms: Old wine in a new bottle?

In February 2019, the central bank lowered the timeframe to three years from five years. And what has that achieved?

3m ago

What haunts us at night

People really are struggling beyond any comprehension to get by—at least for you and me.

5m ago

The election is not the endgame

“What’s the point of this election?” Its winner has already been predetermined.

5m ago

Explaining the potential exodus of funds from Bangladesh

The mismatch highlighted by the IMF could indicate that capital flight in FY23 has increased even more.

5m ago

How do we describe the upcoming election?

With the national election still two weeks away, many national and international observers have already termed it as a farce or “staged election.”

6m ago

Assange may be in the dock, but it is journalism that’s on trial

The case against him and WikiLeaks is much more important for what it might entail for press freedom itself.

8m ago

Why is the truth so important?

With scientific progress and the advent of advanced technology, the methods of population control, particularly through the use of information control, emotional manipulation, and mass surveillance have become predominant.

10m ago

How Bangladesh can benefit by joining BRICS

In April this year, South Africa’s BRICS ambassador Anil Sooklal told Bloomberg that a long list of nations were now looking to join the bloc.

11m ago

Has the ruling party finally met its match?

The ruling party would be well-advised to change its ways and try to make the people its main source of strength through good governance, by returning power to the people and making amends for its past mistakes.

1y ago

To end inequality, stop pandering to plunderers

Addressing many of our economic problems is proving to be difficult not mainly for economic reasons, but because of political ones.

1y ago

On the verge of an explosion

Panic spread among residents of Dhaka on Monday night as people from different parts of the city complained of gas leaks.

1y ago

What’s driving the government’s U-turn on banking sector reform?

One must ask: how does the government expect to implement proper corrective measures without bringing in full transparency?

1y ago

State should investigate all deaths in custody

A sense of injustice being perpetrated against them by state actors is increasingly building up among the common people.

1y ago

The joke is really on us

Moody’s, one of the big three global rating agencies, downgraded its outlook for Bangladesh’s banking sector from “stable” to “negative.”

1y ago
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