Dhaka-Chattogram Highway: Why no feasibility study?

When policy planners undertake a major connectivity project like the Dhaka-Chattogram highway expansion, which serves as a lifeline for our exports, one would expect that they would do what reasonably well-informed policymakers in other countries do, i.e. conduct

Aramco attacks: Fuelling the fire

Fingers are being pointed at Iran for the drone attack on two major Saudi Arabian oil facilities set ablaze on September 14. While the sabre rattling picks up the tempo, and despite reassurances by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that strategic oil reserves will be deployed to stabilise the market, price of oil has shot up in the global markets.

Bringing more people under the tax net

The finance minister recently stated that it is the government’s intention to bring 10 million people under the tax net.

Protein feed ban must stay

The poultry industry is keen to have the government lift the recent ban on import and sale of meat and bone meal (MBM), a protein concentrate that is used as feed for chickens.

The poverty we choose to ignore

All the focus of late has been on Bangladesh's upcoming graduation from the group of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to the

We have wind for power

The American National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has found that we have potential pockets of wind that can be used to make energy.

Running out of landfills

As we urbanise at record speed, urban waste is being generated in massive quantities. The problem of course is that the two landfills serving the capital have nearly reached their limit.

A saga of non-compliance

Less than two days after the devastating fire that gutted FR Tower in Banani, city residents woke up to find the DNCC kitchen market had been burnt to the ground.

Time to improve our logistics potential

A new global report titled “Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index” unveiled a week ago ranks Bangladesh at 39th position out of 50

Chawkbazar Fire: Confusing comments may compromise findings

According to a report published in this paper on February 24, an industries ministry probe committee has claimed that it found no evidence of a chemical factory or warehouse in the vicinity of the Chawkbazar fire.

How to make development inclusive

The Centre for Policy Dialogue's (CPD) recent seminar on February 10 brought together policymakers, both present and past, development practitioners and educationists and the focus of the talk was how to achieve inclusive growth.

Economic diversification key to creating new jobs

As per a report published in The Daily Star on February 4, job creation target under the government's draft report, the Seventh Five

Moving away from coal isn't easy

Environm-entalists will disagree, but dependence on coal for energy is increasing, not decreasing in Asia. Back in the late '40s, climate change hadn't set in and economic realities dictated establishment of an industrial base at the cost of the environment in countries like China and India—major consumers of coal for energy.

How safe is the water we drink?

Seventy-five million Bangladeshis are at risk of contracting the most serious diseases because they are drinking unsafe water, where 13 percent of the populace is exposed to arsenic-poisoning.

'Greening' the RMG sector

A study recently presented at a dialogue was titled “Environmental compliance opportunities in the Bangladeshi readymade garments industry: Lessons from the green high-achievers,”

Cyber security readiness in banks

A recent survey titled “IT security of banks in Bangladesh: threats and preparedness” carried out by the Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) paints a rather dismal picture of certain banks and their ability to combat cyber threats.